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Competition, Lecture and discussion, Local milonga, Local practica in A Coruña

🇭🇷OBILJEŽAVANJE MEĐUNARODNOG DANA ARGENTINSKOG TANGA U ZAGREBU 11. PROSINCA 2022. Međunarodni dan argentinskog tanga, plesa koji je zaštićena UNESCO-va nematerijalna kulturna baština Argentine i Urugvaja, obilježava se svake godine 11. prosinca, na dan kada su rođeni Carlos Gardel (11.12.1890.-24.6.1935.), pjevač, skladatelj i glumac, i Julio de Caro (11.12.1899.-11.3.1980.), glazbenik, skladatelj i ravnatelj orkestra, kao jedne od najistaknutijih osoba u povijesti tanga.

Zbog odlaska na INTERNACIONALNI FESTIVAL KULTURE PLESA, 8th ZAGREB CHRISTMAS BALL obilježavamo smo u nedjelju uz projekciju filma i milongu.

18:18-23:32 Milonga, poezija, projekcija filma i doček plesača tango argentina.

18:30-20:30 projekcija filma Tango (1998) ​

Ante Kovačića 4, Zagreb.
Korisnička članarina 30HRK



The International Day of Tango, the dance that is protected by the UNESCO as an intangible cultural heritage of Argentina and Uruguay, is celebrated every year on December 11, the day two of the most prominent people in the history of argentine tango were born: Carlos Gardel (December 11, 1890 – June 24, 1935), singer, composer and actor, and Julio de Caro (December 11, 1899 – November 3, 1980), musician, composer and orchestra director. Due to the international dance culture festival, we celebrate only on Sunday with projection of movie and milonga.

Because of going to the International Dance Culture Festival, 8th ZAGREB CHRISTMAS BALL

18:18-23:32 Milonga, poetry, film screening and welcoming tango argentina dancers .
18:30-20:30 film screening Tango (1998 film) Ante Kovačića 4, Zagreb.
Member.fee 30HRK.


YouTube channel – Tango argentino Libertango Jelena Somogyi


Sun, 11 Dec 2022, 18:18
ends Mon 12 Dec, 00:00


Pay at the door. Cash only.
Entry 30HRK


Attend In-Person.
Ante Kovačića 4 A Coruña Croatia

Event posted by: Jelena Somogyi

About the author: Artist, DJ, Network, Organiser, Professional Dancer, Social Dancer, Teacher, Therapist, Writer from Zagreb

Published: 9 Dec 2022 @ 12:41

Last modified: 9 Dec 2022 @ 12:42

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