Japango 2023 tango holidays, the trip of a lifetime in Japan

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Sun, 14 May 2023, 08:00
ends Fri, 26 May, 20:00




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Holiday in Kyoto

Tango & Japan: an extraordinary adventure and discovery

Since 2014, we organise yearly Tango holidays in the most extraordinary of places: a place where we’ve lived for a decade and that is close to our heart – Japan, the land of the rising sun.

So come along and join “JaPango”. Not only will you dance in one of the most exciting tango places in the world, you will also experience Japan’s beauty and amazing variety, its cities, culture, and nature. Your journey of 13 days will take you from Tokyo, the current capital of old and new, to the ancient capital of the South, Kyoto.

Tokyo – lots of tango with world renown maestros, Milongas, visit of the city, museums, old quarters, restaurants, shopping, temples and much more
Nikko – the temple and shrine in a thousand year old cedar forest
Kyoto – its geishas, temples, nature and sheer beauty
Hiroshima and its peace memorial
Hiyajima island
Mount Fuji and its iconic shape
Kawaguchiko and its beuatiful and wild nature

MORE INFO: https://tanguito.co.uk/tango-holidays/japango-japan-and-tango-holidays/