JAPANGO: Japan Tango Holidays in October, 13 days of dancing and discovery!
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Japan + Tango = JaPango! Join us for an amazing trip this October…

We are very excited (and the word seems timid) to announce our very first Japan tango holidays this October, organised jointly with world champions Daniel and Cristina.

Among our wildest dreams reside one that is particularly dear to us: accompany fellow tango dancers to try tango and discover the land of the rising sun – where we lived for a few years. Beyond being a superb tango destination, Japan is without doubt one of the most fabulous world places to visit.


So if you love tango and you also always wanted to visit Japan, discover its culture, its nature, the delicate mix of modernity and tradition: this is a unique chance. The 13 days will consist of lots of tango (workshops with the world champions Daniel Nacucchio and Cristina Sosa, and some fabulous milongas at night), as well as an amazing journey of discovery that will take you from Tokyo, the current capital of old and new, to the ancient capital of the South, Kyoto.

When not dancing, you will experience the serenity of Japan’s temples, soak in onsen (hot springs), marvel at Japan’s metropolis and port cities, travel by bullet train, discover the mighty mount Fuji, get acquainted with Nara’s Daibutsu and famous grounds, be amazed by Japan’s cuisine… and much more.

TRIP OPEN TO ALL LEVELS OF DANCING and solo travellers / couples.

MORE INFO, SCHEDULE & COSTS:  http://tanguito.co.uk/travels/japango-japan-and-tango-holidays/

Nos vemos!
Bruno & Nati | Tanguito


Sun 16 Oct 2016, 00:00
ends Fri 28 Oct, 00:00


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