Ladies Tango Meeting 24-27 September


Thu, 24 Sep 2015, 00:00
ends Sun, 27 Sep, 00:00


, UK



We are thrilled to present the first edition of Ladies Meeting in London that is fully dedicated and especially designed to the Lady in Tango.

The leading Tango artists of this first edition:


The long weekend will propose workshops with various thematic and with a twist plus other enjoyable and fun activities Ladies oriented!

About Natalia:
Natalia start dancing Tango at the age of 5 years. Student of Graciela Gonzalez and Carlos, her father, she moved to Italy 10 years ago to teach Tango and perform in major theater stages worldwide. Founder of Rome Tango Festival, owner and artistic director of the School La Gardel Tango Rome.


THURSDAY September 24th @ YMCA 20:30-22:00
Workshop 1 – Balance/ Natalia & Raquel
Quality of “pisada”, axes and “abrazo”
Studying the axes on heels
How to use your feet
Connection with the floor and energy
Projection of the “Abrazo” use of arms during the dance.

FRIDAY September 25th
Private lessons with Raquel & Natalia available.
19:30-21:00 Class at Negracha Raquel & Natalia
With Fashion Show by our designer

SATURDAY September 26th @ YMCA 13:30-18:00
13:30-14:45 Workshops 2
Forward Pivot/ Natalia

Dissociation, spiral movement, pivot
Ochos forward (different types).
Boleos forward
Entrance to Giro from Forward Ocho

15:00-16:15 Workshop 3
Back Pivot/ Natalia

Dissociation, spiral movement, pivot
Ochos back (different types)
Boleos back
Entrance to Giro from Back Ocho

16:30-18:00 Workshop 4
Study of the Giro: different positions and dynamics
/ Raquel & Natalia

Decorations with the free leg, on the pivot and on lines
Combination of Giros and decorations
We will use Boleo forward and back with embellishments

SUNDAY September 27th @ The Crypt 13:00-19:00
13:00-14:30 Workshop 5
All about MILONGA/ Raquel
Technique of “Traspie”, small and fast ochos
Speed of legs
Stylish your footwork

14:30-16:00 Workshop 6
Leading for Ladies/ Raquel & Natalia

16:00-16:45 – Talk about the Lady in Tango – your questions and our answers about everything you wonder about, companied by tea and cake.

16:00 – 19:00 Practica Open to ALL (Men are invited 🙂
*Raffle Winner – Live tailor made Tango dress by top designer from Argentina
*Food and drinks
*More Surprises

*************PRICES and BOOKING**************

1 Workshop £25
2-4 workshops £45, £67, £90
4-5workshops £80, £100
FULL PASS – 6 workshops including practica and talk £105
Practica at the Crypt – £8

### We highly recommend to take all the workshops for best progressive results and understanding ###

*********FASHION & BEAUTY*********************
Top renowned designer of Tango dress, Raquel’s personal designer, will accompany us for a week including the ladies weekend. Please book appointment in advance for a unique personal dress/outfit (for Milonga or performance).
Buy fabric in advance or use fabrics of designer. Please contact Raquel to consult.

Pedicure/Manicure by top London will be offered on Sunday. Book in advance or on the day.

Between Ladies who attend 4-6 workshops there will be a Raffle with winner announced on Saturday night:

Win a dress specially designed and tailored on the body during the practica on Sunday by Top designer

Win pedicure/manicure treatment // 07552448543