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SATURDAY 25 March 3-5pm
A special opportunity as we host Marcela at our Academy in London for few days to get interesting insights about the Ladies Role in Tango. Marcela has started her tango path in a very young age dancing with her father who set up the first Argentinean Tango School in Italy Torino. Marcela is Tango! Breathing, feeling and dancing with an international career from a very young age.
She is founder and currently running a succsseful Tango School in Torino and the famous Torino Tango Festival.

What we will work on:
* The Embrace and the connection – how to develop a present embrace that willl help to transmit your presence to your partner and better follow.

* The posture and the role of the arms

~Use your legs and floor, not your partner
~Dance with expression and presence
~Get control over your balance and posture
~Stylish your footwork
~Introduce Musicality in your dance
~Speed of legs
~Slow and fluid moves
~Sensual and Feminine Tango Secrets

Level: All Levels
Price: £25


YMCA 112 Great russell street WC1B 3NQ
Tottenham court road station


Sat, 25 Mar 2017, 15:00
ends 17:00



Attend .
112 Great Russell Street UK

Event posted by: Raquel Greenberg

About the author: DJ, Organiser, Professional Dancer, Social Dancer, Teacher from London

Published: 23 Mar 2017 @ 22:53

Last modified: 12 May 2019 @ 19:24

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