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It is known, it takes two to tango. And even if the leader creates the frame, the follower creates the details!

Indeed, the role of the follower is as important as the role of the leader to generate a magical dance.

That is why we are happy to welcome you to this seminar entirely dedicated to the role of the follower. An encounter not only to improve your technique but also to share experiences, doubts and questions.

Two tango mujeres, Silvia Mezzasoma and Lorena De Miranda Serra, will answer all your queries and will guide you through the 2 parts of this seminar. The first one dedicated to strengthening your foundation (posture, balance, pivot, coordination) and the second one dedicated to unleashing your creativity (adornos, musicality, interpretation).

If you would like to:
– Become an active listener
– Dance more comfortably
– Improve your elegance
– Have fun regardless of your partner’s level
– Communicate more through your embrace
This seminar is for you!

Where: Maredijk 100, 2316 VP Leiden
When: Saturday 30th October from 14:30 until 17:00
Who: Lorena de Miranda Serra & Silvia Mezzasoma
Level : intermediate – advanced
Price : 40 €
Registrations at


Sat 30 Oct 2021, 14:30
ends 17:00


Entry € 40
Register in advance. Registration opens Sat, 16 Oct 2021, 08:00

Registration has closed.
Ticketing has closed.


Maredijk 100 Leiden Netherlands

Event posted by: Silvia Mezzasoma

About the author: Dance Teacher, Event Organiser, Professional Dancer from Leiden

Published: 16 Oct 2021 @ 20:55

Last modified: 21 Oct 2021 @ 09:32

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