Las Perseidas Tango Marathon in Warsaw

Event | Michal Wojcik


Fri, 12 Aug 2016, 00:00
ends Mon, 15 Aug, 00:00


, Poland



Anna, Magda, Michał and Piotr – we represent the united forces of El abrazo and Wilcza Milonga. We are waiting for you just 2 minutes away from the Royal Castle in the beautiful air-conditioned ballroom with a professional sound system – almost 300 m2 wooden flooring and a huge terrace looking out directly at Krakowskie Przedmieście street (the very Old Town). Let’s dance together to tandas played by the best European DJs. Let’s imbibe the atmosphere of summer evenings in the bustling Warsaw’s Old Town. During the breaks, let’s look together at the sky and let’s immense our sense with shooting stars.


See you in Warsaw! Here wishes come true.

Las Perseidas Tango Marathon in Warsaw


John Yingren Tan (Great Britain)
Semeon Kukormin (Russia)
Mik Avramienko (Ukraine)
Karolina Tkaczuk (Poland)
Larisa Geravker (Belarus)
Francesco Cieschi (Italy)
Przemek Mielcarek (Poland)
Jakub Ciczkowski (Poland)


The registration fee is 65 EUR and covers the following:
– marathon entrance fee,
– 2 x brunch served in the early afternoon, 2 x warm meal served at night, 2 x light breakfasts served in the early morning,
– snacks, veggies, fruits, sweets, water, coffee, tea during entire marathon.

Registration starts on 15th March 2016 at 1pm CET.