Live Online Tango and Fitness Classes

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Sun, 20 Sep 2020, 12:00
ends Sun, 20 Dec, 12:00


Toronto, USA


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Online Tango classes and practices are here to stay, at least for the time being. And though we are all missing being in an actual class with other people, I think, that going to a virtual class is a way to feel as we are part of community, to feel less disconnected, to learn from people at the other end of the world and possibly even make some new friends.

So summer is nearing to an end and I have given myself enough time to rest and gather new energy for new adventures. I hope you will be joining me to these very adventures that are starting on Sunday September 20th with our first Strictly Tango class on Posture.

All classes will be held online, through Zoom, and you will have access to all recordings after each class to keep for life and revisit. We will also plenty of prep materials that will give you a better understanding on how our bodies where built to move

Schedule for our 12 week of classes:

  1. Strictly Tango on
    Sundays 12:00-1:30pm starting on September 20th 
    This is a Tango class for individuals and partners with some experience in Tango. You need to know a bit of Tango as you can’t learn Tango from this class. You will advance your level and understanding and overall you will better your dance.
  2. Fitness and stretching on
    Thursdays 5:00-6:00pm starting September 24th
    Low impact fitness and stretching routines that will be built to go hand-in-hand with our Tango in order to not only to strengthen our bodies and our understanding of movement.
    This is an all-levels class with a suitable pace and multiple alternatives to each exercise
    Both modules will be coordinated around 3 fundamental Tango elements, posture, walks and ochos and our goal is not simply to dance better and move better..!
    But also to understand strengths and limitations unique to each and everyone of us, to establish a safe path to get to our Tango goals and to acknowledge any risks along that path… I am sure everybody hates back pain while dancing, right?

Ready to register? Visit our site, registration is open:

One of the participants of the first round of classes, asked me if I could put together a “study”/ “practice” program for him, which I did with joy. Of course the program is a living thing so as we go I add things for him to keep exploring
So I thought this would be cool to do for everyone who would be interested.
If therefore you decide to join and you are not sure how to structure your own practice, we can build it together!

And similarly to what was offered in the previous set of classes, all students can make videos for me to see and provide feedback to them. This way if something doesn’t feel right, or if you are unsure of how you need to proceed you can make a video and send it to me so I can provide some insight.

Lastly, in parallel to all of that I am always available for a chat either through email or social media for any questions, concerns, and light bulb moments!

How will this work:
Every week  you will receive the  Zoom link to the class and your password.
Before every class you will receive prep materials in the form of a pdf or video. This would be your first chance to go through the materials and ask any questions prior to the class.
If any equipment are needed, usually they are not, that will also be included in that weekly email prior to the class

Now following the class, you will receive an email with follow-up materials and a link to the full video of the class. You can reach out to me any time with questions, comments and thoughts either through email or on social media.

Aaaand we will still have our weekly online Tango practice every Wednesday, our Mid-week tango practice
Actually to get an idea of the philosophy behind the schedule, check our latest practice, scrolling to the end of this page: Online Tango Practice
The practice will be following the above themes however you can invite friends to join us, as well!

Answers to your most common questions

Will I learn Tango from this class?
No, unfortunately not. You can’t learn Tango from this class. You need to have some Tango experience. If you want to learn about anatomy though, while doing some dance moves, then join us!

Is this only for leaders or followers?
This class is for all dancers, as it deals with movement technique not specific to leaders or followers

Is this for beginners?
Absolutely! It is an all level, all style, all role class
Will I get access to previous classes?
Yes! You will!

Can I pay per class?
Though it makes logistics much easier if you don’t, if there no way you can avoid it contact me at:
At least 48hrs prior to the class you want to take.
What time are the classes on in my country?
This is taking place in Toronto Canada, find what time will be at your place here:
I truly hope to see you there and then! Stay tuned for more information as it will soon be available! For questions or concerns you want to share contact me at: