Matine Tango Amsterdam


Sun, 21 Jul 2024, 16:00
ends 22:00


Amsterdam, Netherlands – Map


Register in advance.
Entry €15


Class, Milonga in Amsterdam

Join the Marine Tango in July in a cosy ballroom dance school where many dance stories are playing with you.
We start at 17:00 with Lessons from:
• 17:00 Geraldina and Torito” Milonga moves you didn’t know were so easy”
• 18:00 Manuela and Ezequiel” Creative Ganchos and Boleos for salon and practice time”
• 19:00 Milonga Dj EQWith a Demo from the teachers.
There free parking on the street, a bar with drinks and snacks, a wooden floor, and ventilation.


De Lairessestraat 157, Amsterdam, Netherlands