Milonga la Roca, the place to be for every die-hard dancer. 6 hours, one evening.

Event | karin venverloo






Pay at the door. Cash only.


Every 3rd saturday of the month, also in summer, from 21.00 until 03.00 hours. The best DJ’s from Europe are invited (those that play often at marathons or encuentro’s).

High level scene, nice ronda, great flow. Friendly atmosphere, mirada/cabaceo preferably.

Location: beautiful old industrial building, next to a restaurant. High ceiling, spring floor, good sound system. Low priced drinks. Near old centre of the Medieval town Amersfoort. Enough hotels, but in case you can’t find one/pay one, you can sleep in the venue (no shower!).

On the sunday afternoon, after Milonga La Roca, you can enjoy a cosy, relaxed milonga called La Piedrita. Organised by the team of volunteers of the thursday practica night. 6 Euro entrance, from 14.00 – 18.00 hours. Local DJ at the desk. First time, opening milonga, at eastersunday april 21.