Milonga Primaveral Spring Tea Dance

Event | Steve Gears


Sun, 25 Mar 2018, 17:00
ends 21:00


Watford, UK



Yippee! It’s almost Spring again! No more snow, cold weather or shivers! To celebrate, lets dance the Argentine Tango!

We have 4 hours of lovely Golden Age music in tandas (with a few twists) for your dancing pleasure, and non-alcoholic refreshments (including home made chocolate cake… mmm… ) included in the price of your ticket.

There will be no class, just dancing. The milonga is open to all levels of dancer to come along and experience your 1st (or maybe your 101st!) milonga social dance. We only have one milonga rule: Please respect your partners and the other dancers on the dance floor.

Our intimate venue has a nice smooth parquet dance floor which helps with those effortless pivots, and plenty of free parking.

Put the date in your diary, and join us for a friendly, easy going, social event. It’s a pleasant way of spending a Sunday evening, and even gives you time to get home for the Ten O’Clock News :-)

I hope to see  you there :-)

Steve | Tango Elegante

PS Don’t let the little goat have all the fun…