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Local milonga in Nottingham

Neolonga Europa! With optional Volcada Workshop before

Great music and a friendly and relaxed atmosphere for your dancing, in the style of the best continental neotango – If you like alt tango then this is for you!  And with a volcada workshop before, its a great evening!

17:00 Doors / warm up

17:15 – 18:50 Workshop

19:00 – 23:00 Dancing!


DJ Lorenzo will play another varied set of music, 90% alt / neo, 10% neuevo. If you were at Sheffield Tango Festival or have been before you know what you will get – a fantastic mix of standards, familiar, and the new, mixed into waves, to propel you to new places in your dance.

Exact location

We have been growing our format and approach – its becoming more popular. We are inspired by the expressiveness and multi media approach to NeoTango in mainland Europe. The most inspiring music, projections, lights and an excellent and much loved venue. With free on street parking outside.

Tea, coffee and nibbles provided. BYOB if you fancy something a little stronger.

Volcada workshop
Our evolving YogaTango format is back to help with one of the more tricky propositions of tango. For those new to volcada, we will get you doing it with good fundamentals. For those who can do it, sort of, then this is where the yoga can help to create the control, connection and energy to make your volcadas a thing of beauty. The yoga element will warm up with mat work on your core energy and control. This workshop is suitable for tango dancers with at least 6 months experience.

What is a NeoLonga?
We take non tango music chosen for its feel and suitability for tango. We add a dash of tango, mood lighting and projections, and create a rules free place for you to enjoy your dancing, as expressively as you like.
In mainland Europe, neo tango is big – we are bringing a slice of it to you. We aim to create the same great atmosphere here in the UK.

Health care – If you feel unwell then please look after yourself and all of us by staying at home.


Sat, 23 Jul 2022, 17:15
ends 23:00


Pay at the door. Cash only.
Entry £15 Volcada workshop only, £10 Neolonga Europa only, £20 both


Attend In-Person.
St Johns Church, Mansfield Road, NG5 2DP Nottingham UK

Event posted by: lorenzo salzano

About the author: DJ, Organiser, Social Dancer, Teacher from Nottingham

Published: 2 Jul 2022 @ 16:17

Last modified: 2 Jul 2022 @ 19:13

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