Noches de Ronda – Encuentro Milonguero Marathon Karlsruhe


Fri, 28 Jan 2022, 20:00
ends Sun, 30 Jan, 20:00


Karlsruhe, Germany


Register in advance.


Embrace tango in these long nights of January at the foothills of the Black Forest and be part of an exciting gender-balanced tango event, in Karlsruhe, Germany, in one of the pioneering tango centres in Europe with a tango history stretching over twenty five years.

The Dj Team:
Our first dj is the highly esteemed Jens-Ingo Brodesser from Brussels. No question, one of the most influential djs of Europe.  Saturday afternoon of Noches de Ronda features the first dj-double. With Marco Moretti, an Italian from Paris, comes one of the first European to ever dance Argentine Tango. He will partner with another Italian, from Italy, Gabbo Fresedo, a rising star in the marathon/encuentro scene. On top, both are excellent dancers as well. To the first time at Noches de Ronda, a double from Istanbul. The hugely popular Ramo & Go-Go to run together the Saturday night milonga. Hence, Saturday will feature 4 djs. What a treat!!
Finally, the highly talented and equally popular Flavio Zizzu,  also from Italy, to run the Sunday milonga.

We are looking forward to an intimate gender-balanced event with a reduced number of participants in the best tradition of tango milonguero/marathon. Dance with friends and make new ones. The encuentro location is connected to a restaurant with quality International/Greek cuisine at very moderate prices.

Please note that the event is a so-called 2G event, meaning only vaccinated or corona-recovered can be admitted.