Pequeña 4 - Festivalito Milonguero
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TANGOKOMBINAT presents PEQUEÑA 4 – Festivalito Milonguero 21 – 23 June 2019.

*** bookings open on February 28 at 8 pm CET ***
*** enregistrez-vous le 28 février à partir de 20h00 ***
*** Anmeldung ab dem 28. Februar, 20 Uhr ***

– Do you love dancing in a close embrace?
– Do you adore traditional Tango music?
– Do you like the respectful invitation by Mirada & Cabeceo?
– Do you enjoy sharing the dancefloor in harmony with the other couples?
– Are you happy to make new friends?
– Are you open to new learning experiences?

If you can answer these questions with a “yes”, then you are the perfect candidate for Pequeña, an event for new and experienced Milongueros. We invite you to join an encounter of embraces, in which we want to introduce our international friends to the close-embrace dancers of our home region (Saar-Lor-Lux+) and newcomers to experienced milongueros. Pequeña is all about spreading the idea of the culture of the embrace by making new connections!


Welcome Apéritif + a fun introduction to the codigos milongueros with all Pequeña teachers and the Tangokombinat

4 Milongas with internationally experienced DJs:
Friday evening: Patrycja Kaminska (Poland)
Saturday afternoon: Alja Ferme (Slovenia)
Saturday evening: Melina Sedó & Uwe Willié (Germany)
Sunday despedida: Lynn Collins (UK/France)

2 Workshops with experienced teachers:
Alja Ferme + Saso Zivanovic




Register in advance. Registration opens Thu, 28 Feb 2019, 00:00

Registration has closed.
Ticketing has closed.



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