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Applications required on electronic mail at, portable phone 098/9502738 or via contact form on the website (form does not work on mobile) / Maintenance in Ante Kovačića 4, Zagreb.


June 8, Friday extra program

6 – 7:30 pm Tango movemen – just Tango movement workshop is not held in pairs. User Membership 40 HRK/ 5 EURO

7:30 – 9:30 pm workshop –  Interaction, communication and awareness of one’s own  and the axis of the person we share the movement with  and we create a dance story with tactile surfaces. The workshop is held in pairs. Applications is not required in pairs. User Membership 50 HRK/ 7 EURO

9:30 – 11 sati practica – exchange ideas, socialize, self-practiced or paired. User Membership 10 HRK/ 1.5 EURO


June 9, Saturday main  program

Seminar for the followers / acceptors of ideas in Argentine tango evening for ladies (possible exceptions) – by Jelena Somogyi

7 – 8:30 pm Tango movement – Communication with myself and Argentine tango: getting acquainted with and preparing the body, optimum movement and expressiveness, feeling and expressing the movements of different music. User Membership 70 HRK/ 10 EURO

8:30 – 10 pm solo technique for followers or acceptor of ideas in Argentine tango connection of arm with body (comfortable embrace), grounding and ornaments. User Membership 100 HRK/ 14 EURO

10 – 01 am milonga on which we will be refresh and able to exchange footwear and clothes of either dance or everyday character. The real moment when yours cloth and shoes can find a new owner or you can find something for yourself. So if you need to exchange or want to sell dancing or every day clothing you can. You ned just to bring them.  Membership Amounts 20 HRK/ 3 EURO

By selecting both workshops that make a seminar ser Membership Amounts 120 HRK/ 16 EURO – Saturday program.


June 10, Sunday extra program

7 – 8 workshop of secret of ocho cortado. The workshop is held in pairs. Applications is not required in pairs. User Membership 50 HRK/ 7 EURO


1) From clothing you need something of this type o stretchy shirt and pants. You can put a skirt, but then underneath the secretary or something that will not bother you to stretch. Tango movement
2) Footwear: socks (woolen, cotton, fleece …), soft ballet / dance shoes or tenis dance shoes with a flexible sleeve. Footwear must be able to skate on the parquet and be flexible. Tango movement
3) Also bring a towel, blanket or floor stand for the first workshop or the first part of the seminar – Tango movement
4) Elastic band ( -for the first workshop or the first part of the seminar
5) High heals for optimal


Fri, 08 Jun 2018, 18:00
ends Sun 10 Jun, 20:00



Attend .
Ante Kovačića 4 Aix-en-Provence Croatia

Event posted by: Jelena Somogyi

About the author: Artist, DJ, Network, Organiser, Professional Dancer, Social Dancer, Teacher, Therapist, Writer from Zagreb

Published: 4 Jun 2018 @ 12:46

Last modified: 12 May 2019 @ 14:16

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