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Welcome to the fourth edition of
SPQR TANGO MARATHON ROMA – “Only for Smiling People!!!”

As last year we have several options for marathon participants to give them the maximum flexibility. You can stay at our suggested Hotel (meaning Mercure Hotel Rome West with high quality rooms, swimming pool and SPA) or another location for sleeping to be found by yourself.
Of course, we will prefer to stay all together in the same location, day&nights, swim together, eat together, dance together and laugh together as in our marathon spirit 😉

The marathon will have an early price as low as 65€ until February 5th (80€ if you will not register in advance): it includes marathon participation, pre, after-party, and, as last year, Sunday dinner offered by us too!!!

**** SPQR Tango Marathon Roma 2019 ****

★ more than 40 hours of dancing
★ International DJs
★ 250 role-balanced dancers from all over the world
★ 400 square meters wooden dance floor
★ warmUp and After-Party Milongas Included (Pizza dinner will be served for free to all participants during the After-Party)
★ unlimited mineral water, hot coffee, biscuits, snacks and refreshments, salty and sweet cakes, fresh season fruits during the day and night of the event
★ Discounted Price at Mercure 4 Stars Hotel with swimming pool included
★ 2 Brunches and 2 Dinners (to be added on top of marathon price)
★ WARM hugs for free and great memories included!!! :)))

** DJs TEAM **

Gabriele Sabato (Italy)
Olga Makhno (Russia/Lithuania)
Jens Dörr (Germany)
Gergana Boeva (Bulgaria)
Susanna Arbitrio (Italy)
Konrad Krynski (Poland/Hungary)
Alessandro Grillo (Italy – After Party Milonga)
Riccardo Bossi (Italy – After Party Milonga)


SPQR Tango Marathon Roma, including the PRE and AFTER-PARTY milonga, will be held at Home Mercure Roma West – Viale Eroi di Cefalonia, 301, 00128 Roma

The location has 400 sq. meters of wooden dance floor, resting area, and the restaurant room.


Several Packages available:
Only Marathon: 65€ early bird price (after Feb 5th 80€)
Marathon + 4 Meals: 125€ early bird price (after Feb 5th 140€)

All packages include WarmUp and After Party.

Thursday May 23rd
WarmUp Party
22.30 – 3.00

Friday, May 24th
16:00 – 20.00 …
22.30 – 5.30 …

Saturday, May 25th
14:30 – 19.30 …
22.30 – 5.30 …

Sunday, May 26th
14:30 – 20.00 …

After Party
20:00 – Alessandro Grillo & Riccardo Bossi

BRUNCH: 12:00 – 14:00
DINNER: 20:00 – 22:00

See you soon…..




Register in advance.


Registration opens (date not specified)
Registration has now closed.


Attend .

Event posted by: Rita Maree Horne

About the author: Social Dancer, Writer from Edinburgh

Published: 15 Feb 2019 @ 17:01

Last modified: 15 Feb 2019 @ 17:03

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