Sueños Milonga

Event | Charles Long


Sat, 26 Nov 2016, 00:00
ends 00:00


, UK



Sueños is our Milonga near Basingstoke. Take a short dash along the M3 to the leafy idyll of Cliddesden Village, with a quaint traditional country pub and, who’d have thought it, one of the nicest sprung dance floors around.

Yes, it’s a lovely modern venue with a gorgeous smooth sprung floor. And it’s easy to find, with loads of free car parking. You’ll get our usual high quality traditional tango music, floorcraft, refreshments, free wine, and a friendly atmosphere. Did we mention the free wine?

  • Beautiful smooth sprung dance floor
  • Complimentary refreshments * Red & White wine included *
  • Friendly atmosphere
  • Modern hall, with loads of free parking in a charming rural setting
  • Easy to reach, near Basingstoke