Taboe2Be at Easter
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Taboe2Be the new-born ‘sister’ of the Taboe Tango Camps with the same spirit but with less program and people ( 77 role balanced dancers ideally) and more time for dancing, relaxing and for spontaneous workshops and other specials. With some ‘Taboe’ ingredients of course like gatherings, games and rituals.


We, Paras and Paul, have a dream whereby Tango is just the beginning. Of course we love to dance tango for hours and hours. But we also love to meet people and make new friends. And we love to go for quality of being, in the way we are together, the location where we are and the food we eat.


That is why we organize tango events that are different. We always add to milonga’s, music and possibly workshop another ‘magical’ ingredient and that is ‘people’. We have learned that every time we put extra attention and quality in the way we are together a tango event turns into an unforgettable connected, expressive and touching experience.


For this we add games to (re)find innocence, gatherings to meet everybody, silence and meditation to go deeper inside, sharing groups to open up and learn, workshops that touch the ‘inner side’ of tango.


We always create that special Taboe Tango experience and this way we gather many tango dancers who relate to this and want to go further than the next tanda.


For all our events and teaching tours we aim to offer this ‘extra’. At our monthly Taboe milonga we have our group games, such as blind speed cambio’s. The Taboe Tango Camps are twice a year gatherings of many dancers who go for the combination of tango and theme’s such as ‘pure’, ‘dare’, ‘play’ and ‘stillness’. At our TaoTango Experiences we take a rollercoaster like journey using tango to enhance our mindfulness and vulnerability and to open our expressive side.


… and Taboe2Be at Easter in Veckenstedt (DE), 13 – 17 April.


Our intension is to create a connected and joyful tango-space where we can re-fresh, dis-cover, inter-act, re-create and feel really at HOME.


The atmospheric old watermill of Edda Grossman – dedicated to Art and Tango – provides a perfect setting for this.


We’ll be pampered by Diane Kerry, our chef-cook from the UK who will cook her famously delicious meals for us.


Paras and Paul will be your guide with a light,  joyful and spontaneous spirit.

More info at: and Facebook.


Paras & Paul


Tango is just the beginning …


Thu 13 Apr 2017, 17:00
ends Mon 17 Apr, 15:00


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Strasse der Technik 6 Germany

Event posted by: Paul Vossen

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Published: 28 Feb 2017 @ 16:29

Last modified: 12 May 2019 @ 19:28

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