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Pay at the door. Cash or CC.


Our Practica on Saturdays is a popular event especially among people who are working on improving their Tango. We are a community of friendly people who give a very warm welcome to new people to Tango and to London in general. You can find information about the Practica below and if you have any questions, please feel free to use the form at the bottom of this page to ask us any questions.

Practica format
The Practica usually starts at 7pm except on days of Special Workshops when it starts at 8pm. This usually happens only about 3 times every term (about 3 months). The upcoming special workshop days to be 13 July 2019, 27 July 2019 and 3 August 2019. On these days, the Practica will start at 8pm.

Tango Amistoso Practica is like an informal Milonga with traditional Tandas in TTMTTV format. There is no formal guidance provided during the Practica but please free to seek guidance from resident teachers Winston Veerender and Silvia Bivolaru at any time.

On the day
Saturdays at Tango Amistoso are about learning and connecting with each other. Typical schedule includes Yoga Classes, Advanced Level Classes, Beginnerss Classes and a Vegan Food Exchange.

4.30 to 5:30 pm Yoga Classes: You can find the details here: Yoga classes
6pm to 7:30pm Advanced Level Classes: You can find the details here: Advanced Level Classes
8pm: Beginners Classes: You can find the details here: Beginners Classes
Please note we also teach Beginners and Improvers classes at City Academy, they tend to be mid week. You can find the details in the Beginners Classes link above and also here for the Improvers classes: Improvers Classes

Location and Getting there
The address is: 24-27 White Lion Street, Islington, London N1 9PD. It is about 2 minutes walk from Angel Station. There will be clear signs on the doors saying “Tango Amistoso” and of course you can hear the beautiful Tango music as you walk along the street. There is also plenty of free parking in Donegal Street and the part of White Lion Street close to Donegal Street and it is only a 3 minutes walk from there to the Practica.

Cost and Payment
The cost for the Practica is £5 per person. You can pay at the Practica or if you prefer to pay through bank transfer, please talk to us when you are there. It’s an informal Practica. You can usually find Winston or Silvia helping in the dance floor or by the DJ desk and pay there.

Vegan Food Exchange
We do not sell food or drinks at the Practica but you can bring your own food and drinks. We run an optional Vegan Food Exchange. You can bring your own Vegan Food/Snacks and exchange with your friends or the rest of the community. Please do feel free to join us when you can.