Tango argentino course in Zagreb for beginners

Event | Jelena Somogyi


Wed, 15 Feb 2023, 20:00
ends Wed, 08 Mar, 22:00


Zagreb, Croatia


Register in advance.


Class in Zagreb

   The new beginner’s course tango argentino in Zagreb starts in February 15th. Wednesday 20:00-22:00. Applications till Feb 8th. Make your pre-order immediately, before enrolling. We’d love to enroll you all. Due to social norms that the follower must be a woman, and the leader male we are not able to immediately enable everyone to learn this wonderful dance skill. You can sign up for a follower or leader.
Maintenance in the city center of Zagreb.

In the first two hours you will realize that you are already using the basic movements of the Argentine tango with which you can already dance your first tango! “Tango has a big heart and a powerful embrace.” – JS

A limited number of students on on our classes is a familiar thing and seems normal now. We want to give you 100%.

 Registration or more info: on libertango.jelena@gmail.com, +385 98 950 2738 (WhatsApp), or via the contact form on the website.

❣️Enrollment Conditions
There is no age limit or any other restriction for learning tango argentino. By learning and dancing tango Argentina, we create, share and communicate with the world in the world. The Argentine tango was created by embracing the cultures and customs of the people. Not having a dance partner is not an obstacle! We enter the same number of followers and leaders. You do not dance in pairs or would like more to further devote to the development of your dance communication skills? PokreTTango is there for you.


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