Tango Cruise from Amsterdam to Barcelona

Event | Anette Spiegel







On this unique Tango cruise, we can expect a lot of variety for the best travel time. Beginning of September can be expected with pleasant temperatures both on the Atlantic and in the Mediterranean.
From Amsterdam, we travel across the Basque Country and Galicia in Spain, the north of Portugal and the sunny Ibiza to Barcelona.
We visit beautiful cities such as Bilbao, La Coruna, as well as Porto and Lisbon and we can relax day at seas and take a break from everyday life. Thus, recovery is announced on this ten-day trip.
The Tango is of course always there. In addition to some Milongas on board, we plan to have some Milongas “ashore” during the day. Classes during this cruise will be given by Adriana Duré (Buenos Aires) and Felipe Martinez (San Francisco).