Tango Holiday at Lake Chiemsee in Bavaria: Theme Milonga 2019

Event | Anette Spiegel






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Intense Milonga lessons with Amanda and Adrian Costa
Special Theme: “Milonga and Milonga Traspié: get the groove!”
A respite in breath-taking nature draped around beautiful Lake Chiemsee in Bavaria
Combination with “Tango-Easter-Holiday”, April 9th – 14th, 2020 possible

Amanda and Adrian, skilled in the art of “savoir-faire” at the highest Tango level, will demonstrate a well-thought-out syllabus suitable for all. Harmony, elegance, rhythm and clarity of the dance exude from the heart. You will be fascinated by their Tango de Salon “par excellence”.
There will be eleven hours of instruction from Wednesday through Sunday along with Practicas with Amanda and Adrian. The special theme will be: “Milonga – Milonga Traspié. Rhythm is it – get the groove and have fun”. Lessons will be conducted either in the morning or in the afternoon, allowing enough time to explore this area which has so much to offer. Private lessons will also be available upon the previous request. Lessons will be for all levels, minimum one year dance experience.

All night milongas with professional DJ.