Tango Journey to Buenos Aires


Sat, 13 Apr 2019, 08:00
ends Sat, 27 Apr, 08:00


Buenos Aires, Argentina



A fantastic unforgettable journey to the roots of tango, to Buenos Aires, over the Easter holidays 2019 is awaiting you. With the maestros Guillermo Salvat and Silvia Grynt, as well as the tango pioneers and organizers of Siempre Tango Carlo Sansour and Brigitte Albert, four experienced supervisors are on site to take care of you. They will ensure that everything runs smoothly.
We made the trip in the year 2018 and all the participants were enthusiastic.

Every day lessons with the maestros Guillermo Salvat and Silvia Grynt as well as other maestros from Buenos Aires. Every night visits of the best and most beautiful milongas in the city.

We want to experience Tango shows and live concerts. Other highlights include optional participation in excursions and visits to tango sites such as La Boca, Chacarita Cemetery, San Telmo. Private City tour. Shopping tour for Tango shoes and Tangomode, trips to El Tigre, Iguazu or Montevideo.

The tango trip to Buenos Aires should be an intensive tango experience providing a leap in the dance quality of the participants. The journey is not suitable for absolute beginners. Participants should have some experience in tango dancing.

Regular Tango Lessons (a total of 15 hours) should provide a solid basis on which everyone can develop in a style of their own choice (salon, Milonguero, etc.). Language of instruction: English.

Included in the price are 15 hours in 10 days each 1.5 hours of Tango group lessons with the maestros Guillermo Salvat and Silvia Grynt.

Not included in the price: Participation in practicas on various subjects with different teachers (lessons offered mostly before the start of the milonga and usually included in the milonga entry fee).

This journey is recommended for advanced Tango dancers. It is not suitable for beginners. A registration does not have to be in couples. We strive to find suitable dance partners. In the event that no partner is found, there is the possibility to “hire” taxi dancer, both for teaching and for the milongas. However, this is subject to a fee. Taxi dancer, which we recommend, are usually young, sophisticated professional dancers, which guarantee you the highest dance quality and fun while dancing. The cost of this is about $30 for lessons, whereas for a Milonga night approximately $100 can be incurred.

We will stay in a beautiful hotel (4 stars) in the best district of Buenos Aires, in Recoleta. The location is wonderful and above all the area is very safe. The hotel is quiet, which is far from being standard in Buenos Aires.

Included in the price:
14 nights in a double room with breakfast (single with surcharge)
Tango lessons as described above.
Every evening Milonga visits (optional, admission not included in the price, about € 6).
A private city tour, an exclusive San Telmo tour on foot, further excursions, visits etc.
Shopping-tour for dance shoes, music and Tango moda.
Transfer from the airport to the accommodation and back to the airport (on the 13th and 27th April).
Per person: Overnight in a double room with breakfast + lessons as above + guidance as above: €1130.

Not included are the admissions for the milonga, transfer costs (taxi) to the different activities (can be shared among the participants, some € 2 for a ride with 4 persons), meals (also organized jointly), purchases….etc

Flight is not included in the price. Participants must organize their own flights.

Registration & More information: 00491727392139,
Please give us a call or write us an email: info@siempre-tango.de
We shall provide you with full information as to what to expect. We are Buenos Aires-experienced.