Tango Mojo 2016 Buenos Aires Tango Immersion
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How to get Buenos Aires off your BUCKET LIST
and onto your ACTION PLAN . . .
. . . and feel that Porteño tango flow through your veins!

Helaine Treitman and Laura Grinbank
are proud to present:

Tango Mojo’s
October 15 – 29, 2016

Trip includes:

– 2 weeks’ lodgings in a hotel in the city center, close to many milongas. Great location with many restaurants and cafés, cultural activities and entertainment, stores of all kinds, public transportation.

(Want to join us but can’t get away for 2 weeks?  Custom mini-packages available. Call us at 1-239-450-9367 or email helaine@tangomojo.com.)

– Group lessons with Helaine and with Laura
– Men’s and women’s technique (separate) in close embrace.
– How to dance stress-free and have fun in crowded milongas.
– Tango Musicality
Individual fine-tuning in all classes.

Other topics can be substituted or added at group’s request.  (Also, see classes with local instructors below.)

Class days will be interspersed with relaxed city tours, to avoid having too packed a schedule. We are focusing on the milonga experience (20 milongas!) and getting to know the city and culture, We want the trip to be a pleasure for you!

– Optional private lessons. (At your request. Not included in program fee).

– 2 milongas per day, selected and accompanied by Laura and Helaine!  Milonga admission included. 10 milongas each week, 20 total, with 4 evenings free or with organized social/cultural activities. We will teach you the “codigos” (codes) of the milonga, so you can quickly feel at home. Early milongas start between 3 and 6pm. Pre-milonga classes begin 60-90 minutes earlier. We’ll give you our schedule well in advance.

– Daily lessons before milongas, with various local instructors. 10 total, or more if you wish.  The great advantage of doing this is not only to know and work with various teachers, but also to meet and practice with different people in class, including locals, so when the milonga starts you’re not a stranger – you’ll have new friends with whom you can dance!  Class included with milonga.

– At every milonga, one or two of Laura’s milonguero friends will sit at our table and invite our tangueras to dance, until the inviting starts to “flow” for everyone. Milongueras Laura and Helaine (usually both) will be available to dance with our tangueros.

– Daytime visits together to interesting parts of the city, including both the city’s and tango’s historic and cultural points of interest.  One day includes visits to tango shoe stores. City day-trips will usually be on days Helaine and Laura don’t teach classes.

Program fee:  $3,000 USD *   50% deposit to enroll, balance due by September 15, 2015.

Fast decision incentive for the first 5 who enroll:
Be our guests on October 14, 2016 for an exclusive, pre-program day and evening with Laura and Helaine, who are conjuring up some cool “insider” things to do and surprises. Invitation includes 1 extra night at our hotel, dinner together, and “insider” activities – all on us!

* Fee does NOT INCLUDE: Airfares and ground transportation to and from airports, milongas, and day trips (bus, subway, taxi), nor meals and tips (i.e. hotel housekeeping).

See optional offerings below.

To enroll now and be one of the first 5 and get the exclusive, pre-program day with Laura and Helaine, visit the website below and click the yellow button below.

($1,500 deposit per person. Balance due by September 15, 2016.)

Questions?  Email us at support@tangomojo.com. You may also request a phone or Skype call to answer all your questions.


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ends Sat 29 Oct, 00:00


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Helaine Treitman

Dance Teacher, Social Dancer from Amsterdam in USA

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