Tango on The Thames + QTLondon Joint Milonga!

Event | Ray Batchelor


Sun, 13 Aug 2017, 14:00
ends 19:00


, UK



For the first time, Tango on the Thames and QTLondon have linked up bring you this “Joint Milonga on the Thames”, another wonderful opportunity to dance in the Shepherd Hall, enjoy refreshments or conversation, or wander onto the balcony and take in the river views.


At this Joint Milonga with QTLondon, women leading, men following and same gender couples – increasingly common features at many tango venues – are explicitly welcomed onto the Tango on the Thames dance floor.


If think you would like to come, please add your name to our Guest List HERE: https://goo.gl/2M92AE [Entrance, £15 payable at the door.]


We are fortunate that we have talented teachers, Fillipo Monici and Paula Daurte to give the class at 2.00 pm, followed by music chosen by our DJ, Diego Doigneau.


FILLIPO MONICI studied in Buenos Aires with Augusto Balizano (no less!), as well as with others and has had been much in demand as skilled professional dance performer. His deep understanding of tango is leavened by his skills as a teacher of Swing, Zumba, aquagym, toning and postural gymnastics.


PAULA DUARTE is a London-based dancer and teacher of the Argentine Tango, resident teacher at Negracha Tango Club and member of TangoMotion show cast She has been a member of Tango Companies and productions, with whom she travelled around the world to perform and teach the different styles of the Argentine Tango, such works include Broken Tango, Rea Danza, Perfiles, Milton and Romina Tango Company and Compania Nacional Arcos de Buenos.


Argentinian “DJ de Tango”, DIEGO DOIGNEAU has made himself exceptionally popular with dancers at Negracha, Tito’s and many other London milongas because of his intelligent, imaginative, but above all dance-able choices of music during a tango event. Diego is a connoisseur of tango music and uses his exquisite taste to bring joy to the dance floor.

We look forward welcoming you to our Joint Milonga!