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Festival Tango par la Côte en Bretagne

13th edition of the Argentine tango festival in Côtes d’Armor and Finistère.

The Tango par la Côte festival will take place from July 26 to August 4, 2019 in Trébeurden, Île Grande, Lannion, Trégastel, Roscoff, St-Martin-des-Champs, Saint-Thégonnec, Cléder…

This year, you will be able to attend to many workshops with some of the greatest maestros:
Sandra Messina & Ricardo Calvo, Yanina Quiñones & Neri Piliu, Ariane Liautaud & Karim El Toukhi, Melina Sedó & Detlef Engel, Julia & Andres Ciafardini …

Orchestras and artists:
Tango Spleen Orquesta, Rubén Peloni y Los Tanturi Orchestra, Orquesta Típica Misteriosa Buenos Aires, Brian Chambouleyron, Verbecelte et Compagnie, the bandoneon duo Bicho Bolita, and more…

DJ’s for afternoon and evening milongas:
Bob Rikkar, Sylvain Bordais, Gaëlle Pencréach, Alain Sehan, Marinette Petitpas, Brigitte Escobar, Tino Prieto, Jean-Claude Bartek, Wim Mestdagh, DJ Verveine, DJ Colette, DJ Prinz, Camille Boucher, Michel Exposito…

Singing and yoga classes adapted to dance.

As well as many free activities: Conferences, photo and painting exhibitions, tango salons, shows, guided tours…

And this year, the festival will continue in Plymouth, UK for 3 days of milongas, with:

21:00 – 00:00
Milonga at the Duke of Cornwall
with DJ Ewa ZBRZEKA (London)
20:30 – 00:00
Milonga at the Royal Yacht Club
14:00 – 19:00
Afternoon milonga at the Duke of Cornwall

You can buy a pass for 3 milongas
Tickets and pass available on site in cash (no cheque or credit card)

All the information and registration forms on : Finistère part : Côte d’Armor part




Register or pay at the door.


Registration opens (date not specified)
Registration has now closed.


Attend .
London UK

Event posted by: Cedric Delarbre

About the author: Organiser from Roscoff

Published: 23 Jun 2019 @ 16:25

Last modified: 23 Jun 2019 @ 16:33

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