Tango Photography Exhibition & Digital Projection at Carablanca Tango Club


Fri, 01 Dec 2017, 20:00
ends Sat, 02 Dec, 02:00


London, UK



TANGO PHOTOGRAPHY EXHIBITION & DIGITAL PROJECTION this Friday at Carablanca Tango Club, Conway Hall, London.

As a TANGO DANCER and PHOTOGRAPHER, I see more than just two people dancing and embracing! I am seeking to portray emotions, expression, feelings, movements, connection captured in the tiny moments two people share together.

It’s an art of observation and of framing it in the most imaginative and creative as possible just like the dance itself – Tango is a feeling that can be danced and my photography aims to capture that feeling!

TANGO MOMENTS captured in pictures – a selection of my favourite Tango Photographs collected over the last few years I spent dancing & shooting in London!

If you love TANGO & Tango PHOTOGRAPHY, this is a MUST!

Do bring your friends, come to dance and see the exhibit! With DJ Ewa Zbrzeska playing till 2am!

London Portrait Photographer