Tango Secreto Encuentro Milonguero

Event | Maria Pałasz


Fri, 27 May 2016, 00:00
ends Mon, 30 May, 00:00


, Poland


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A milonga is very often more than simply the dance.
The wish is to live the tango – to breathe it.
To dive into it. To meet. Embrace.
We want to be carried away.
Be charmed by music.
Be as one.

It’s time to set aside everyday things.
We no longer need to hurry or try.
No longer have to change.

Encuentro Milonguero is a friendly dance circle.
All you need to do is join in – and simply be yourself, in all honesty.
To feel as one.
To wrap your arms around one another.
With absolute respect for others and the rules which govern the milonga.

Encuentro Milonguero is a place
where dialogue through music will never cease.
A place to meet for three evenings and three nights.

This music gives birth to emotions,
embraces tighten, flowers blossom.
I feel this and so do you.
The tenderness of the moment…
That is our Secret.

Friday (27.05) 20.00 – 6.00
Saturday (28.05) 15.00 – 6.00
Sunday (29.05) 16.00 – 2.00

Giuseppe Clemente / Rome
Claudio Coppola / Paris
Eray Yüksek / Ankara
Marcelo Almiron / Buenos Aires / Warsaw
Gianluca Zeccardo / Rome
Jan Woźniak / Warsaw

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