Tango Shelter 2019

Event | Warren Edwardes




London, UK


Tickets online or pay at the door.


*** 100% of ticket income goes to the homeless charity.


*** The 90 tickets SOLD OUT in 2017 two weeks in advance and in 2018 we extended to two rooms to let more people in. Max for 2019 is 130 tickets.

*** NO RISK – Milonga (£15) ticket can be converted to 3 (£5 x 3) Lottery tickets upto 24 hours before – but asap to allow re-sale.

Tango Shelter 2019 on 14 Dec 2019 17:30 > 22:00 [4 1/2/ hours]

Mount Street Jesuit Centre, 114 Mount St, Mayfair, London W1K 3AH

*** The English National Ballet School will perform to three specially choreographed ballet pieces of Tango music that I have selected at Tango Shelter 2019.

*** Tuna Acciaioli will sing two tandas of tangos.

*** Two Rooms and Two DJs – Traditional Tango DJ Warren Edwardes and Nuevo Tango DJ David James Bailey