Tango – Spezialworkshop with Julieta Qüesta and Rauli Choque (BAs)

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Sun, 01 Nov 2015, 00:00
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, Germany



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We are very excited to welcome Julieta Qüesta und Rauli Choque to Berlin once again. Both are beloved and very talented tango dancers from Buenos Aires. On Sunday 1 November 2015 the will teach two special workshops at Mala Junta. They provide an ideal occasion to improve your technique and elegance in Tango dancing, and you shouldn’t miss it!

Connection from the embrace and from the axis.
-The element of the Pivot and diferentes kinds of Voleos. How to use, how to lead and how to follow, in differents types of dynamics.

Workshop 2:
Special Tango Class: Differents kind of “salidas” and figures from the old masters.
-How to apply the walk and the pauses in the pista. Tips to earn elegance and comfort in the legs.

1 Workshop 18€/ discount price 12€*
2 Workshops 32€/ discount price 20€*

* Discount price for students up to 25 years

Pricing & reservations: www.elocaso.de