Tango Weekend Freiburg with Malena Martos John Zabala
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Tango Weekend with Malena Martos & John Zabala
With workshops and Milonga!


Freitag, 03.Februar

WS 1 F: 19:00 – 20:30 Uhr
Technik für Frauen: Arbeiten an der Achse, Pivot, Giro und Contragiros (Tricks, um Drehungen zu erleichtern)
Technic for women: working on the axis, pivot, giro and contragiros (tricks to achieve easier the turns)

WS 1 M: 19:00 – 20:30 Uhr
Technic für Männer: Lapices und Enrosques, Unterteilung des Körpers
Technic for men: lapices and enrosques, subdivision of the body

WS 2: 20:45 – 22:15 Uhr Tango for all levels
Gehen, Zirkulation und die Wichtigkeit der Übertragung beim Gewichtswechsel
Walk, circulation and the importance of transition in the change of weight

Samstag, 04.Februar

WS 3: 15:00 – 16:30 Uhr Tango intermediate / advanced
Langsame und schnelle Dynamik basierend auf Musikalität (Aktion und Reaktion)
Slow and fast dynamics based on musicality (action and reaction)

WS 4: 16:45 – 18:15 Uhr Milonga intermediate / advanced
Von Milonga lisa zu Milonga traspié
From milonga lisa to milonga traspié

Sonntag, 05.Februar

WS 5: 15:00 – 16:30 Uhr Vals intermediate / advanced
Musikalität und Bewegungen in Kettenreaktionen für Vals, angepasst an die Zirkulation der Tanzfläche
Musicality and movements in chain reactions for vals adapted to the circulation of the dance floor

WS 6: 16:45 – 18:15 Uhr Tango intermediate / advanced
Sacadas in Drehungen und Gegendrehungen mit Richtungswechsel
Sacadas in turns and contra turns with change of direction

Preise/ Price:
1 Workshop 26 € / erm. 20 €
ab 3 WS 23 € / erm. 18 €
ab 5 WS 20 € / erm. 16 €

Nach der Anmeldung senden wir euch eine E-Mail mit der Bestätigung eurer Buchung und mit der Höhe des zu zahlenden Betrages. Die Bezahlung erfolgt am Kurstag. Eine verbindliche Anmeldung verpflichtet zur Zahlung der vollen Kursgebühren.
Stornierung: Im Falle einer Nichtteilnahme wird bis zum 06.Januar 2017 100%, bis zum 27.Januar 2017 50% zurückerstattet. Eine Rückerstattung danach ist nicht mehr möglich.

Terms of Participation:
After registration, we will send you an e-mail with the confirmation of your booking and with the amount of the amount to be paid. Payment is due on day of class. A binding registration obliges the payment of the full course fees.
Cancellation: In the case of non-participation, 100% will be refunded by January 6, 2017, and 50% until January 27, 2017. A refund after this is no longer possible.


Bitte paarweise anmelden! please register in couples!


Samstag, 04.Februar
Milonga mit Show von John & Malena 21:30 – 2:00 Uhr
DJ Dario Viri (Zürich/Rom)
Eintritt: 10.- €

Verkauf von Tangoschuhen von Malenatango: www.malenatango.de

Ort/place Workshops & Milonga:
Freie Waldorfschule Rieselfeld, Ingeborg-Drewitz-Allee 1, 79111 Freiburg
(Raum im 1. OG: Salon Milonguero)
Straßenbahnlinie: 5 Richtung Rieselfeld
Haltestelle: Geschwister – Scholl – Platz

Infos: www.tangoclaudia.de

About them:
John Zabala : professional Tango dancer, teacher and music collector Colombian born. Former member of several famous dance companies of Colombia among which we can point out BNF (Baile Nacional Firulete), the salsa company Swing Latino and the tango company Tango Vivo, he began his studies of tango in Colombia and later in Buenos Aires he kept improving his knowledge attending classes of famous and respected maestros such as Ernesto Balmaceda and Stella Baez. He taught private lessons as well as workshops in Latin America : Medellín, Cali, Pereira (Colombia), Buenos Aires (Argentina), Santiago (Chile) ; in Asia : Jakarta (Indonesia) and Singapour ; in Europe : Paris, Montpeller, Lyon, Arcachon, Orléans, Poiters (France) and Freiburg (Germany).
Awards and titles :
-National Champion of Tango 2007, Cali, Colombia
– 5th place in the World Championship of Tango 2007, Buenos Aires, Argentina
– Metropolitan Champion of Tango 2010, Santiago, Chile
– Metropolitan Champion of tango Salón and Escenario 2011, Santiago, Chile.
John Zabala’s career took place in different countries. Dedicating himself to tango improvisation and instruction, he still attends master classes and workshops dictated by maestros from the old and new generation, which allows him to develop a dance style both modern and tainted with tradition.
He is now living in Paris.

Malena Martos: professional tango dancer and teacher. She began to learn Tango at the age of 9 with the maestra Olga Besio, participating in the group that the maestra formed Tango on Niños in several presentations and events, in deferent theaters of Buenos Aires. The recording for Canal Solo Tango show most of those activities.
Malena completed her artistic knowledge by obtaining the title of Classical and Contemporary Dance Teacher from the Escuela Nacional and the title of Self-Expression through movement from the Instituto Vocacional de Arte of Buenos Aires. Currently she continues to perfect her Tango with excellent maestros such as Ernesto Balmaceda and Stella Baez.
With a great stage experience in dance and techniques, she participated in different events such as the festival of Caçapava do Sul in Brasil.
She is currently teaching Tango, Classical and Contemporary dance classes for all levels, from beginners to advanced students and she appears in presentations with different professional Tango dancers in important Milongas of Buenos Aires. She is living in Buenos Aires where she is known as an excellent dancer and a reference for Argentinean Tango.

Our objective :
Our objective is to work the essence of Tango as well as its technical bases without looking for transmitting quickly only moves. We work slowly but surely, achieving this way to adapt to the rhythm of the students. The kind of Tango we are developing is absolutely suitable for the milonga (ballroom) where the student can stand for himself cultivating the codes of the milonga itself, with the du respect.
Our teaching is based on Tango as a social mood. To do so, we work hard in our class but always in a good mood so that the students can have a good time and learn from whatever we can create during class.
We share our love for tango, not only by teaching it but also by awaking the students sensibility to the different Tango orchestras and singers so they can adapt theire dance to the music, the music serving the body and not the body serving the music.


Fri 03 Feb 2017, 18:00
ends Sun 05 Feb, 21:00


Registration has closed.
Ticketing has closed.



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