Tarifa Tango Festival

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Fri, 04 Dec 2015, 00:00
ends Sun, 06 Dec, 00:00


, Spain



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Two nights of tango in a wonderful castle in Tarifa, Cadiz, Spain. Live music, performances, lessons.
Welcome everybody. We are looking forward to meeting you.


Friday, 4 December 20 H Alameda theater.

Officially opens the tarifa tango festival, the auténtika tango in concert. An Electrifying Show with music, sing and dance.

Leonardo Lara Guitar and bandoneon.
The Black Fernando Villareal in voice..
Pablo Oyhanarte low.
Javier Oyhanarte Guitar.
Raúl Rusconi and Viña Winiarczyk. Dancers.

And a big surprise!!
Entry for 10 euros!.

Friday, 4 December 22 H Guzman El Bueno Castle.

Milonga of welcome. Then you will be able to enjoy a few tanditas, of a romantic walk in the castle in the light of the moon with views of Africa. And an exhibition that promises to be shocking, in charge of two great dancers that bind especially for this event. Carlos Terraza and Cynthia Urbano. Musicaliza Dj Rufo.

Entry for 15 euros!.

Saturday 5 December: day of master classes.

12 h and Maria Tsiatsiani Leandro Palou II
Turns out with for use in the milonga. (Intermediate Level-Advanced).

13,30 H Carlos Terrace.
Techniques of salon tango. (Advanced).

16 H Cynthia Urban.
Technique of tango for women. Ornaments, details, etc.

18 hh leandro palou and Maria Tsiatsiani.
Elements to dance. (Advanced).

19,30 H Carlos Terrace.
Salon Tango. Advanced.

Each class is 15 euros. (it is recommended to join in the past, the forum is reduced). 605 406 027.

Saturday 5th of December 22 H Guzman El Bueno Castle.

Milonga Central. Gala of luxury.

With the exhibition nothing more and nothing less than leandro palou and Maria Tsiatsiani. Directly from London to set fire tarifa.

Entry for 20 euros!.

Sunday, 6 December. Farewell.

12 H Leandro and Maria.
Technique of tango for men and for women.

Note: this time there will be no farewell milonga in a formal way. All those who wish to do so, we will move to a nearby farm don, we’ll take some meat on the grill. (and well… Some milanesita of tofu) and we’ll dance until I give you more!.

Tangueros, the bureau is served. Remember that it is a bridge in Spain. Prepare the shoes, invite your friends.
We’re waiting for you at all!!!
Raul Rusconi