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Going into its 22th year, the legendary Portland ValenTango® is the largest and longest running tango festival in North America. The reasons are simple: friendly community, great teachers, great DJ’s, great classes, great milongas, great ambiance and great opportunities to dance and learn for all levels and types of dancers….and all at a great price!  If you’ve never attended, please join us. If you’ve been before, please come back.  I think you’re gonna love this event.


All classes, lectures, vendors and milongas  are at the Double Tree Hilton Hotel.  The Double Tree is easy to get to from the airport or Amtrak station (see Directions), and is conveniently located near many restaurants and across the street from the huge Lloyd Center Shopping Mall.


Twelve of the best Argentine tango instructors (see images above) will be teaching 5 types and levels of classes–Beginners, Intermediate, Advanced, Advanced Couples and Special Performance Master Classes for Couples (see Schedule).  To attend a class, you must either be wearing a “Full Pass” wrist band or surrender a “Class Token”–both of which you receive with your pre-registration materials when you arrive or can purchased at the registration desk in the foyer (open 10:00a-5:00p each day).  The Full Pass and Class Tokens give you complete freedom to choose whichever classes you want without having to sign up ahead of time. Although Class Tokens are not refundable, you can share them with a friend or partner and are also worth $20 at any milonga.

Classes last one hour and 15 minutes, with the last 5 minutes devoted to the instructor summarizing the material they taught in the class.  Video and still cameras are not allowed to be used during the instructional part of the class, but may be used to record the instructor’s summary at the end.

For your own benefit and for the well being of the other students in the class, it is essential that you choose a level of class that is appropriate for your skill level.  To help you decide, please refer to the article “What Level Am I?“


Music for the 18 ValenTango milongas and practicas will be provided a dozen of the country’s top tango DJ’s plus 2 orchestras (see Orchestras & DJ’s).  For admission to a milonga you must either:

(a) be wearing an “Everything Pass” wrist band on your wrist, or
(b) be wearing a “Full Milonga Pass” wrist band on your wrist, or
(c) pay at the door with check, cash or a class token (worth $20) at the door.

Prices vary and are shown in the detailed Schedule.  For the most part, dress is casual, with the exception of the Sat Grande Ball which is more formal and dress up.

Mixer Milongas:

There will three unique mixer milonga unlike any you’ve experienced elsewhere:

MishMash Mixer
Texas Tango Hold ‘Em Mixer
Equal Opportunity Mixer

Free Practica for those taking classes is available everyday from 4:30-6:00p.


If would like to take a private lesson, all arrangements are made directly with the instructor.  For more information, please go to the link: Privates.

Food & Beverages:

The Double Tree has two in-house restaurants, coffee shop and a bar.  In addition many excellent restaurants are within walking distance. (See Restaurant Guide.)


Although the optimal place to stay is at the Double Tree, additional hotels can be found near by (see Commercial Lodging), or if you like to save money and stay with a local tanguero, check out: Private Lodging.


Numerous vendors (see Vendor List) selling tango paraphernalia (shoes, clothing, artwork, jewelry etc) will be available in the foyer just outside of the ballrooms.  They are usually open from 11:00a-midnight.




Tickets available online.
Entry $133


Ticketing has now closed.


Attend .

Event posted by: Rita Maree Horne

About the author: Social Dancer, Writer from Edinburgh

Published: 7 Dec 2018 @ 18:34

Last modified: 6 Jan 2019 @ 10:06

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