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Local tango class/workshop, Local milonga, Tango theatre show in Amsterdam

We’re planning a great event with three pairs of professional dancers who will give workshops with attractive themes to develop your dance: six simultaneous workshops in two rooms so you can combine them to your liking. At night we will have an unforgettable evening with a DJ and shows by all the couples in a format that will not stop the dynamics of the night. And many surprises are coming.

Milonga starts 20:30 h- 02:00h


Ezequiel Paludi & Geraldina Rojas

Julio Saavedra & Tekla Gogrichiani

Alejandro Deocca & Manuela River

Tango Market: Jetuelle


Changing rooms

Hotels: IBIS Amsterdam City West

WORKSHOPS 15:00 – 19:00

The workshops will start at 15:00 and end at 19:00. Simoultaneus in two rooms.


Tango Milonguero; Tango Fantasia; Milonga; Technique and Training; Musicality; Vals


Sat, 11 Mar 2023, 15:00
ends Sun 12 Mar, 02:00


Tickets available online.
Entry €17 - €120


Ticketing has now closed.


Attend In-Person.
isolatorweg 28 Amsterdam Netherlands

Event posted by: Vampi Nacht Argentine Tango Amsterdam

About the author: Artist, Organiser, Professional Dancer from Amsterdam

Published: 29 Jan 2023 @ 17:29

Last modified: 29 Jan 2023 @ 17:30

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