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Yes, we want this to be a slightly different kind of tango event, so READ ON…

You can, of course, expect all those things that every good tango marathon should have:

– A lot of uninterrupted dancing. There will be no classes, competition, maestros, performances and other distractions.

– Experienced DJs playing your favorite music.

– Experienced dancers, Leader-follower balance

– A beautiful venue with a quality dance floor and a lot of space to dance and hang out

– Abundant food and libations, to nourish your dancing spirit.

And then also a few other things that Vegas is known for 😉

– Sunny, warm weather in the middle of winter. Ok, we cannot guarantee that 100%, but do make sure you bring some t-shirts and sunscreen 🙂

– Cheap flights and accommodation, easy transport

– Shows and attractions: from Cirque shows to professional sports, from highest roller coasters to amazing hiking… Whatever non-tango activity tickles your fancy, we can advise, make reservations, and organize

– Playful attitude: we will have “followers ask” and “blind date” tandas, and other surprises in and out of milongas

Sounds good? But wait… that’s not all… We would also like to go beyond all that with your help. After all, a marathon is only as good as the dancers are — TO EACH OTHER!!

That’s right! Our mission is to make this one of the friendliest, most positive tango events around.

So, if YOU:

· believe that positive energy and a big smile are the key ingredients for a good tanda

· like to dance a lot, enjoy variety, seek new dance partners and experiences

· are willing to dedicate this weekend to movement, music, and being-together… without judging, negativity, and drama


And for all those friendly, smiling, easy-going tango people you know!! Let’s build it together into an unforgettable Vegas tango experience!!

Robin Thomas (NYC)
Edmond Bardhi (AA)
Maziar A-I (SF)
Misha Petrovic (Vegas)
Registration starts Dec 01st

Single : $125 Couple : $220
Early bird prices until Dec 31st

Pricing after Dec 31st
Single :$140 Couple : $260
Package includes :

7 milongas, 1 Gyrokinesis & 1 PiYo Group class, food & drinks during the marathon

Optional activities
1) All-you-can-eat buffets (Japanese, Asian, Indian)
2) Rolfing sessions by appt
3) Gyrotonic private class by appt
4) Discount vouches for anti–gravity, handstand, aerial etc classes by Cirque artists
5) Hiking at Red Rock or Death Valley
6) Discount for some Cirque Shows (limited)
7) Magic Mike Show
8) Sleeping Beauty (Russian Ballet)




Register in advance.


Registration opens Mon, 17 Dec 2018, 00:00
Registration has now closed.


Attend .

Event posted by: Rita Maree Horne

About the author: Social Dancer, Writer from Edinburgh

Published: 5 Dec 2018 @ 16:54

Last modified: 6 Jan 2019 @ 01:03

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