Veronica Toumanova in Zurich, workshops and lecture 16-17.02.19






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VERONICA TOUMANOVA (PARIS) in Zurich, 14-17th of February 2019!

SATURDAY, February 16th:
14:00-15:30: Balance, Posture and Walking (all levels, leaders, followers)
15:45-17:15: Working the Free Leg (followers technique, all levels)

SUNDAY, February 17th:
14:00-16:00: Elegant Footwork and Complex Embellishments (advanced followers technique, 12 participants)
16:30-18:30: Lecture “Social Dynamics in Argentine Tango”

Private lessons available.
Saturday classes: 40 CHF each
Sunday class: 50 CHF
Lecture: 20 CHF
Full package: 135 CHF


Veronica has been dancing tango since 2000 and actively teaching and performing since 2007. She lives in Paris and is one of the founders and teachers of Tango Mon Amour. She teaches in Paris and travels regularly to others cities of France, as well as elsewhere in Western and Eastern Europe, Russia and Canada. Veronica’s experience in modern dance and classical ballet allowed her to build a solid technique, further enriched by her experience with various bodywork techniques. She has worked with different partners, performing and teaching in France, Sweden, Norway, UK, Italy, The Netherlands, Cyprus, Greece, Germany, Czech Republic, Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Canada and USA. Veronica is an elegant dancer with a strong personality and a refined sense of music. In her teaching she emphasizes musicality, connection in the couple and the quality of movement. She is also a popular tango blogger, often invited to give conference about the topics she touches upon in her writing. Her essays on tango are translated in eighteen languages and shared by tango people all over the world.
A collection of nineteen essays is available in a book called WHY TANGO and can be purchased on Amazon.