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life would be very boring without surprises. We can assure you that our boring is not πŸ˜€. Random accidents affect everyone. Unfortunately it also met our DJ. Daniel Schulz is sick and will not come 😒. We wish her much health.
But we have a wonderful message for you. He agreed to play for us today the brilliant Guillermo Monti. He gets on the plane and flies to Warsaw so that you can have fun with his music. Anyone who heard this knows that it is worth to be with us to dance or listen to what he has prepared for us. Thank you Guillermo for this quick decision ❀️. You are loved and irreplaceable.
Guillermo Monti plays regularly in milongas in Germany but also throughout Europe and Buenos Aires. He is a musician, singing tango and has been a choir director for Buenos Aires for 15 years. Who of us is not curious what will prepare us for us?
And a few words about him:

Guillermo RaΓΊl born in Buenos Aires, grew up in a milonguero family. He used to listen tango everyday at home, in bars, everywhere in the neighborhood. Tango is in his blood.
As passionated musicalizador he will share with us a selection of the best tangos for the dance floor.


Sat 23 Sep 2017, 22:00
ends Sun 24 Sep, 04:00


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Tadeusza Czackiego 3/5 Poland

Event posted by: Guillermo Monti

About the author: Singer / Songwriter, Social Dancer from Berlin

Published: 25 Sep 2017 @ 10:28

Last modified: 12 May 2019 @ 18:43

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