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Local tango class/workshop, Local milonga, Local practica in Bristol

Weekend of Workshops with MaestroANDRES TANGUITO CEJAS
Friday 18th November(Church House, Long Ashton BS41 9LE)
WORKSHOP 1.Elevate your dance, revisiting core fundamentals with an emphasis on musicality. (suitable for all levels)7pm – 8pm£15 per person (practica included)
Dos Corazones Practica8pm – 10.30/11pm£5 (practica only)
Saturday 19th November(The Redland Club BS6 6TN)
WORKSHOP 2.Flowing in the ronda, turns and changes of directions ideal for keeping the flow of the ronda moving (Improvers – Advanced)1pm – 2.15pm£20 per person(+30 min practica)
WORKSHOP 3.In homage to the viejos milongueros,studying classic movements from theold milongueros, so ideal for the dancefloor. (Improvers – Advanced)5.30pm – 6.45pm£20 per person
Luna Azul Milongawith international GuestDJ El Negro Flores7pm-11pm£12
Sunday 20th November
WORKSHOP 4.Masterclass, adapting movements for two contrasting orchestras.(Intermediate – Advanced)2pm – 3.30pm£25 per person (incl Practica)Practica3.30pm – 5pm£5 practica only
EARLY BIRD PACKAGE – includesall workshops and Milongas and practicas£85 per person
PRIVATE LESSONSThere will be slots for private lessonswith Tanguito.AND we will also be offering two semi private slots suitable for 3 couples to share. This offers students participatingthe chance to work on their dance with intensive tutoring without the cost of a solo or couple private lesson.


Fri, 18 Nov 2022, 19:00
ends Sun 20 Nov, 18:00


Tickets available online or pay at the door.
Entry Advance price £20 - per workshop £12 - Milonga


Ticketing has now closed.


Attend In-Person.
The Redland Club, Burlington Road, BS6 6TN Bristol UK
Church House, 74 Long Ashton Road,Bristol BS41 9LE

Event posted by: Sarah Vonthron-Laver

About the author: Professional Dancer, Social Dancer from Bristol

Published: 12 Sep 2022 @ 15:34

Last modified: 12 Sep 2022 @ 15:35

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