Encuentro in Benidorm

9º YO AMO TANGO – 17, 18 & 19 february 2023

This meeting will take place at the luxurious Hotel Don Pancho, located on Benidorm, Levante Beach (Spain), where you can enjoy its incredible climate.

Come to the sun with wonderful beaches, enjoy the tapas and especially the Tango.

A weekend full of Milongas, accompanied by a great teacher, Roberto Herrera, who will give some Master classes.

From the Alicante Airport there is transport that leaves you at the door of the Hotel, for only €8.50  



Apart from Hotel Don Pancho, around and a few meters from where we do the Event, you have a very large Hotels offer, very good accommodations at incredible prices, here are some of them:

Hotel Presidente 4 sup, Hotel Marina, Hotel Perla, Hotel Riviera Beachotel, Hotel Brisa, Hotel Servigroup Orange

There are also nearby Apartments such as:

Apartaments Carlos V, Helios Benidorm, Trebol one, Oasis Benidorm, Ambasador Playa, Primavera Loix, Coblanca III



From the Alicante Airport there is a company that provides direct transport services to the HOTELS where the Meeting is held, and then from the same hotel to the Airport, it is the best option, for only €8.50 each way. This service is only available if you book in advance, choose the ECONOMY SHUTTLE CONNECT service, since there are practically no stops to go to this Hotel. To see the service, prices and place reservations, click on the following link:




Link Information web: https://www.yoamotango.com/

Link Program: https://www.yoamotango.com/programa/

Link Teachers: https://www.yoamotango.com/maestros-workshops/

Link TangoDJs: https://www.yoamotango.com/tangodjs/

Link Prices: https://www.yoamotango.com/tarifas-fares/

Link Registration: https://www.yoamotango.com/contact-inscription/



Fri, 17 Feb 2023, 14:00
ends Sun 19 Feb, 23:00


Register in advance.
Entry €90


Registration opens Tue, 01 Nov 2022, 08:00
Register for this event online!


Attend In-Person.
Av. del Mediterráneo, 39, 03503 Benidorm, Alicante Benidorm Spain

Event posted by: David Reus

About the author: DJ, Professional Dancer, Social Dancer, Teacher from Benidorm

Published: 22 Nov 2022 @ 00:13

Last modified: 5 Dec 2022 @ 15:18

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