It will be about the dialogue leaders and followers can have if they know the technique and therewith can discover the possibilities: the follower’s creativity and musicality added to that of the leader will create a more exciting dance for both. The workshop will be followed by a practica salon.


  •  20:30 – 21:30 / plus guided practica 1 hour. The bar is open, and Terrace.

Na prvom dvo satu osvijestiti ćete kako već koristite osnovne kretnje argentinskog tanga s kojima već možete zaplesati svoj prvi tango!

🛎Novi Početni tečaj Tango Argentino za apsolutne početnike u Zagrebu počinje 10.5.2024. u terminu petak 19:30 – 21:30. Prijave 9.5.2024.

🌞Možete se predbilježiti za followera ili leadera, te za partneriranje. Upisati ga mogu postojeći followeri i leaderi koji žele upoznati tango argentino u njegovoj kompletnosti te pridružiti svom plesu cjelovitost. Zajedno učenje i ples olakšavamo te činimo veselijim.

✍️Prijave obavezne i dodatne informacije na i +385 98 950 2738. Održavanje u Ante Kovačića 4, u ❤️ Zagreba.
Napravite svoju predbilježbu odmah, prije upisa. Rado bismo vas upisali sve. Zbog društvenih normi kako follower mora biti žena, a leader muško nismo u mogućnosti odmah svima omogućiti učenje ove krasne plesne vještine.

❤️Termini od 120minuta; male grupe (najmanja 10, najveća 20); individuali i grupni pristup; po potrebi ples s iskusním plesačicama, plesačima i maestrima; iskustvo podučavanja preko 25 godina; mogućnost pohađanja redovitih termina vježbanja,tehnike i plesa (PokreTTango, Stretch-tango).

Ograničen broj polaznika kod nas je poznata stvar. Želimo vam se pružiti 100%.
💻Prijave i informacije na: 098/9502738,

Napravite prvi korak. Postanite dio velikog @tango zagrljaja uz Institut argentinskog tanga LiberTango u Zagrebu.
“Tango ima veliko srce i moćan zagrljaj.”

Uvjeti za upis
Za bavljenje argentinskim tangom nema dobne granice niti bilo kojeg drugog ograničenja. Učenjem i plesanjem tango argentina stvaramo, dijelimo i komuniciramo s svijetom u svijetu. Argentinski tango nastao je obgrljavanjem kultura i običaja naroda. Nemanje plesnog partnera nije zapreka! Upisujemo jednaki broj followera i leadera. Ne plešete u paru ili željeli bih se dodatno posvetiti razvoju svoje plesne komunikacijske vještine? PokreTTango tu je za Vas.

🛎New Tango Argentino Beginner Course for absolute beginners in Zagreb starts on 10.5.2024. on Friday 19:30 – 21:30. Admissions till 9.5.2024.
🌞You can sign up for a follower or leader, and for partnering. It can be entered by existing followers and leaders who want to get to know tango argentino in its completeness and join their dance with integrity. Together, learning and dancing make it easier and happier.

💻 Registration and additional information on, +385 98 950 2738. Maintenance in Ante Kovačića 4, ❤️ Zagreb. Make your pre-order immediately, before enrolling. We’d love to enroll you all. Due to social norms that the follower must be a woman, and the leader male we are not able to immediately enable everyone to learn this wonderful dance skill.

📱120-minute terms; small groups (smallest 10, largest 20); individual and group approach; if necessary, dancing with experienced dancers and maestros; teaching experience over 25 years; the possibility of attending regular exercise, technique and dance programs (PokreTTango, Stretch-tango).

Take the first step. Become a part of the great @tango embrace with the Argentine Tango Institute LiberTango in Zagreb.
“Tango has a big heart and powerful embrace.” – JS
He knows no limits. It can be danced by anyone, regardless of age, political 😉 and other commitments or beliefs. Dancing or the experience of any recreational skill to master it is not necessary any more than height, weight … . If you want, you can.

In the first two lessons you will become aware that you are already using the basic movements of Argentine tango with which you can already dance your first tango!


We are delighted to present this Special weekend with John Rownan!

John will teach 2 workshops

Saturday workshop 7pm to 8.30pm

1. ‘Alteraciones’ – changing directions to surprise and delight.

Then followed by the Milonga 8.30pm -1am

John will delight us with his huge repertoire of music to keep you on the dance floor.

Food nibbles and home made empanadas and treats, to keep everyone fuelled for the evening along with bar facilities!
Car park and on street parking.

Sunday workshop

1.30pm to 3pm

Milonga 3pm to 6pm

2. Musicality – using technique and musical interpretation to bring playfulness to your dance.

Come to enjoy the music and dancing in the comfortable surroundings of Windsor Tennis Club.

37 Windsor Avenue


Enjoy all the fun and craic with Friends

Bookings now open!!

Facebook belfasttango
mobile 07906195632

Individual technique for followers: using the Franklin Method and other resources we’ll work on balance, stability, free leg, spine rotation etc.


poligono Esperanza, nave 5, 21005 Huelva


We are delighted to have a Special Weekend in May with Guest Teacher John Rownan.
John will be teaching the weekend workshops and he will delight us with his vast experience and expertise of music by being our TDJ for the Saturday Milonga.

We welcome everyone to join us to enjoy a great weekend of great music and dancing and great food!

Enjoy a weekend of fun, music and dancing with great craic.

Meet new friends 🤗


A great Friendly Milonga to visit in Amsterdam. I a beautiful ballroom school that, eans there is a great dance floor with a bar and on this edition, we have a great DJ coming from Paris, Marina Brogi.

Visit event


Let’s enjoy an intense tango vacation. “Tango RETREAT” – that’s what we call these days in autumn when we want to devote ourselves intensively to tango and its roots. The motto this year is under the theme: “Homage to Pugliese”.
Amanda & Adrian Costa teach the intensive courses for advanced and experienced dancers. Anyone who already knows the two of them from our tango trips knows the respect, respect and love with which they teach tango and how they interpret Pugliese.
Let us experience extremely professional tango lessons in the unique ambience of our beautiful hotel: during the day in the light-flooded hall on 100 square meters of the best parquet floor, as well as in our atmospheric milongas in the evening. Lectures on musicality and practices complement these tango days, which let us discover Pugliese.
Our Tango Hotel is centrally accessible from many places in Germany without a long journey, as well as in the heart of the beautiful Jagst Valley.

Technique class for followers, both men and women, to gain deeper understanding of your movement by learning anatomy with the Franklin Method and work on your balance, stability, disociation, embelishments, musicality and any other aspect of your dancing in a fun way! Come along and enjoy!

A summer tango holiday in the mountains of the “Bregenzer Wald” in Austria with Fausto Carpino & Stephanie Fesneau: not only fantastic tango classes to enjoy but also the chance for walks and excursions in the magnificent landscape that nature has kindly provided. The Bregenzer Wald landscapes are balsam for the eye – and the soul. And you will be delighted by Fausto & Stephanies refreshing pleasant nature and didactically well-structured teaching.

Price includes:

  • Six nights in a double room
  • Welcome drink at the get-together
  • Breakfast and 4-course Dinner
  • 10 hours Tango lessons and practica with Fausto Carpino and Stephanie Fesneau
  • Free outdoor car park
  • Nightly Milongas (gender balanced, Ronda, Tandas with Cortina) and show with Fausto & Stephanie
  • “Bregenzer Wald Card” (free use of cable cars, swimming pools, and public transport in the Bregenzerwald)

More information:

More about Fausto & Stephanie: