Friends of Sultans,

Next episode of Sultans Tango Marathon & Festival will take place in 12 – 18 November 2024 and it will be our 11th edition. As ‘Sultans’ continues to make a profound impact, It will maintain the beloved marathon & festival format of previous years, enhanced with some innovative and exciting ideas.

This year we will 9 couples including 2 Tango Legends, 4 Mundial De Baila World Champions, 1 European Tango Champion and 2 famous international couples.

2024 Maestros Cast

Gustavo Naveira & Giselle Anne

Ruben Veliz & Sabrina Veliz

Fernando Sanchez & Ariadna Naveira

Jonathan Saavedra & Clarisa Aragon (Mundial de Baile Champion)

Loukas Balokas & Georgia Priskou

Sebastian Bolivar & Cynthia Palacious (Mundial de Baile Champion)

Eze Lopez & Camila Alegre (Mundial de Baile Champion)

Jonny Carvajal & Suyay Quiroga (Mundial de Baile Champion)

Batuhan Boy & Nida ?nceo?lu (European Tango Champion)

Muharrem Y?lmazkaya & Nilay Akgün

2024 DJ Cast

Mauro Berardi

Super Sabino

Andres Molina

Alper Akgül

Ralph Nasi

Ramo & Go-Go

Sabri Güleç

Tümay uslu

Ahu Türkpençe

Emrah Uçar

Burak Yaz

2024 Photographers

Monika Ufnal

Gamze Yerci

Sultans Tango Marathon & Festival is an unique event that brings the best features of a tango marathon and festival together.? While Marathoners are dancing crazy at day & afterparty milongas, Festival-lovers can take classes, or join a city tour or rest. And at Night Milongas all participants come together to share their tango.


We love surprises, a lotttt!!!!. So, there’s always something spectacular around the corner.


Thanks to our warm and experienced team, you don’t have to think about any detail. Every year it just gets better and better.


Day Milongas and After Parties are only part of the marathon packs. So, we will continue to be strict at gender balance, number of participants, experience level and other own criteria’s who selects this pack. Ready to embrace the some of the best tango dancers around.


Do not miss the great workshops by our worldwide famous teachers. They will keep it simple and effective. You can start to use the things that you have learned at the milonga instantly.


Marathon and festival participants will unite to tango together. Don’t miss the opportunity to see fresh faces every night.


The warmest tango friends all over the world are keep coming and making our dream bigger and bigger.

Join us for the milestone 10th edition of the Cyprus Tango Meeting on the picturesque island of Cyprus, the birthplace of Aphrodite! Immerse yourself in the enchanting scenery, bask in warm hospitality and sunlight, and let Tango sweep you away.

“Where You and Tango Become One”

23rd – 29th October 2024

Make sure to register in time for our EARLY BIRD DISCOUNTS, available until 31st May 2024.


Don’t miss out on:

✅ A 6-day Tango Festivity set against the stunning backdrop of the Mediterranean Sea at the luxurious 5-star Grecian Park Hotel, where Milongas, Workshops, and Accommodation will be conveniently located under ONE ROOF.

✅ 4 Internationally renowned couples of Tango Maestros:

❤️ Facundo Pinero & Vanesa Villalba

❤️ Jonathan Saavedra & Clarisa Aragon

❤️ Horacio Pebete Godoy & Maricel Giacomini

❤️ Vaggelis Hatzopoulos & Marianna Koutandou

✅ 4 Couples of Guest Maestros: Meet the champions of MEET (Middle East & European Tango) 2024:

– Dominika Jasik & Grzegorz Kałmuczak from Poland

– Tanya Gutierrez & Sebastian Avendano from Germany

– Adrien Bariki-Alaoui & Iro Davlanti Lo from UK

– Brigita & Carlos Rodriguez from Lithuania

specially invited to astound you with their shows!

9 Milongas featuring over 50 hours of music for endless dancing pleasure. Experience afternoon Milongas on an outdoor pavilion overlooking the breathtaking view, while our evening ballroom Milongas with captivating shows and endless opportunities to dance the night away and connect with fellow Tangueros.

Enjoy music curated by a superb lineup of 9 International DJs – including Horacio Pebete Godoy.

Our special highlights for this year:

🔥 Special Anniversary Cruise – Join us for a memorable cruise on Monday, October 29th, as we celebrate a decade of Tango excellence!

🔥 Friday Night La Viruta Tango Club – Cyprus Edition Milonga with DJ Horacio Godoy

🔥 Specialized Ladies Package

🔥 “Taste Cyprus” package – Wednesday, October 23rd: Indulge in a custom-made guided tour and lunch to experience the real taste of Cyprus!

Cyprus is the ideal holiday destination, even in October! With 350 days of sunshine, sparkling waters, golden sands, captivating scenery, friendly locals, rich history and culture, delectable Mediterranean cuisine, and a plethora of activities, it’s the ideal blend of a mini-extended summer break and your passion for Tango!

For details on artists, workshops, accommodations, and bookings visit:

We are dedicated to ensuring your experience is unforgettable and unique!

Join us at the 10th Cyprus Tango Meeting where You and Tango become one.

The Cyprus Tango Meeting Team!

 Amigos tangueros!! ESTE EVENTO ESTA ORGANIZADO POR EL Club Tango Comunidad Valenciana. Las inscripciones ya estan abiertas para nuestro XXI ENCUENTRO INTERNACIONAL TANGO VALENCIA. Desde el 10 hasta 13 de Octubre. Tendremos como maestros invitados a Agustina Piaggio – Carlitos Espinoza y Lucila Cionci – Joe Corbata. Nuestros Tdj Invitados serán Carmen Villafuerte, Manuel Rosales y Dicri Tango, y los Tdj locales serán Ginette Montenegro, Sabi Semane , Pepe Ibáñez y Toni Martínez. TE LO VAS A PERDER??

In the heart of Bilbao, we celebrate 11 years of tango passion. The first edition 2024 was a resounding success and 2025 promises an unforgettable tango experience at the Hotel Palacio de Oriol in Santurce. 🎉

The whole event is held in the same magical palace on the riverfront: classes with young and promising maestros, 12 milongas over 5 days, shows, live orchestra, wooden floor and there are 90 rooms available for your stay. You can dance and sleep in the same place!

We will try to keep doing what we do best – make you feel at home from the very beginning. Join us at the Bilbao Tango Festival 2025 – we hope to see you there to celebrate together! 🌹

We have flexible entry to separate milongas, classes, weekend packs or packs of milongas together with the hotel room.

– To see all the information about the event go to our website:

– To see posts with updates about the event you can check our Facebook page:

– If you have any questions you can email us at


En el corazón de Bilbao, celebramos 11 años de pasión tanguera. La primera edición 2024 fue un éxito rotundo y 2025 promete una experiencia de tango inolvidable en el Hotel Palacio de Oriol de Santurce. 🎉

Todo el evento se celebra en el mismo palacio mágico en frente a la ría: clases con maestros jovenes y prometedores, 12 milongas en 5 días, shows, orquesta al vivo, suelo de madera y hay 90 habitaciones disponibles para su estancia. ¡Puedes bailar y dormir en el mismo lugar!

Intentaremos seguir haciendo lo que mejor hacemos – hacer que te sientas en casa desde el principio. ​Únete a nosotros en el Bilbao Tango Festival 2025. ¡Esperamos verte allí para celebrar juntos! 🌹

Tenemos muchas opciones de entradas, desde milongas sueltas, packs de clases, packs de fin de semana o packs con milongas junto con la habitación de hotel.

– Para ver toda la información del evento ir a nuestra página web:

– Para ver las publicaciones con actualizaciones sobre el evento puedes ver nuestra página de Facebook:

– Si tienes alguna pregunta nos puedes escribir en el email

Inscripciones abiertas para nuestro XXI ENCUENTRO INTERNACIONAL TANGO VALENCIA. Desde el 10 hasta el 13 de Octubre. Tendremos como maestros invitados a Agustina Piaggio – Carlitos Espinoza y Lucila Cionci – Joe Corbata. Nuestros Tdj Invitados serán Carmen Villafuerte, Manuel Rosales y Dicri Tango, y los Tdj locales serán Ginette Montenegro, Sabi Semane, Pepe Ibáñez y Toni Martínez. 26 Horas de milongas en el hotel Olympia. y Una milonga en la playa de la Malvarrosa

14 – 20 July 2023

Living & dancing for a week in the nature in our temporary tango-village. A friendly & inclusive event – ca. 65 workshops to choose from daily on the spot.

Around 150 dancers – teachers – role balanced – inventive workshops – extra seminar – bodywork – gatherings – sharings – tango-rituals & suprises – Beltango live and a variaty of music from traditional to alternative– ‘all in’ price just choose what you like.

We cherish values such as authenticity, diversity, openness and personal growth. Taboe is a place with many layers: with depth & lightness, joy & silence, trust & challenge.

Surrounded by the silent forest and warm-hearted dancers, we make sure that you can feel at home, be open, make new discoveries, rich experiences and leave nourished. We offer a free of choice program (without outside visitors) with many gatherings, milongas, sharing groups, special nights, tango-games. This campo we have ‘Surrender’ as a central theme.

Our teachers & helpers team is transmitting this mission. Their workshops are addressing all facets of the tango dance: technique, musicality, intimacy, creativity and awareness. To nourish a healthy tango community we support diversity in the level of dancers, ages and dance and music styles.

Sigrid van Tilbeurgh & Maria Filali, Adeline Ireland & Rafael Busch, Natalia Agüero & Agustin Venturino, Déborah van Cauter & Lucas Malec, Réka Horosz and Paras Saghi & Paul Vossen.

“Exploring Your Authentic Movement”
3 workshops, 14 July at the Camp Site, € 90,-

Watch our Tangoatelier Youtube Channel for all Taboe Camp videos.

€ 690,- ALL IN (all program with bed & food in 4 p. rooms)
€ 495 ,- (all program, but without bed & food)
… and more options possible …

Use this link. Single bookings are welcome, but they get on a waiting list until we find a virtual partner – for a good roll balance in the milongas. If you register as double roler we expect you to dance 50-50% in both roles in the milongas.

Paras & Paul

Tarbes en Tango
17 to 25 August 2024

Don’t miss this 25th edition !  For 9 days, change your rhythm!

Dance and sing! Live tango to the full!

Tarbes en Tango is :

  •  150 hours of dancing
  •  around a hundred Argentinean musicians and dancers
  •  4 shows – 4 concerts
  •  9 orchestras (plus duos and trios), 11 pairs of maestros, 11 DJ’s
  • milongas every evening until 5am
  •  the inclusion of people with disabilities in the dance and music along with their carers
  •  quality, eclecticism and great conviviality


Sebastián Achaval & Cecilia Berra

Carlos Espinoza & Agustina Piaggio

Fernando Sanchez & Ariadna Naveira

Claudio Hoffmann & Cinzia Lombardi

Andrés Sautel & Celeste Medina

Fausto Carpino & Stephanie Fesneau

Fernando Gracia & Sol Cerquides

Ivan Romero & Silvana Nuñez

Fernando Rodriguez & Estefania Gomez

Maria Filali & Sigrid Van Tilbeurgh, duo Entre dos

Gustavo Gomez & Maria Belén Giachello


Típica Andariega

Sexteto Cristal

Tango Spleen

Sonder Tango

Pablo Woiz & Milonga Roots

Ensemble Hyperión

Tanguango Quinteto

Cuarteto Cafetín & B.Chambouleyron

Los Suplentes XL



Damián Boggio


David Gonzalez


Martin Lionti

Paz Diago

Marc Tommasi

Vivi La Falce


Magali Amzert


3 great shows :

Argentina  y su Folklore on August, Saturday 17th

Afrikano on August, Thursday 22nd

EN TUS BRAZOS on August, Saturday 24th

More info here soon!


There is Nothing like it. Stunning locations, best tango artists, mesmerizing shows, great orchestras, top djs.

Experience the magic of tango at world heritage sites at Baden-Baden Tango Festival. This prestigious event brings together top artists and musicians from from Buenos Aires  to celebrate this passionate and captivating dance form.

Set against the backdrop of Baden-Baden’s stunning world heritage sites, including the historic Kurhaus and the picturesque Lichtentaler Allee, the festival offers a truly unforgettable experience for tango enthusiasts.

Join us for a weekend of workshops, performances, milongas, and more, as we come together to celebrate the beauty and artistry of tango. Don’t miss your chance to be a part of this incredible event – book your tickets now for the Baden-Baden Tango Festival.

EARLY BOOKING until end of January

FREE FULL PASS Milongas, if you book all the Festival workshops*
*Offer only in January or until available places are sold out.

Discounts Accommodation, in the same place where the entire Festival takes place, from 47€ / person WITH half board.


Here you will discover one of the best Tango events in the world, where we offer accommodation packages in the same Hotel where EVERYTHING takes place the BENIDORM TANGO FESTIVAL & THE MARATHON.

– The highest Hotel in Europe, with wonderful views of the Mediterranean Sea.
– The best room for Milongas “Auditorio Palacio de Cristal”.
– We install the best wooden floor, with “floating flooring”, to take care of your feet and knees.
– The best Audio Equipment, with the best Sound on the dance floor.
– Two and three milongas per day, 23 milongas in total, so you can combine with classes and the beach.
– Professional and international DJs, to guarantee fantastic milongas.
– Great Masters of world recognition, to learn from the best, and enjoy their Shows.
– The best current Orchestras, with good energy and very danceable.
– Very good dancers, coming from more than 20 different Nationalities.
– Limited places in the Workshops and Milongas, to enjoy to the fullest.
– One of the best beaches in the Mediterranean, just 300 meters from the Hotel.
– The average temperature for the date of the Festival & The Marathon is 24º.
– Alicante Airport is nearby, with cheap international flights.
– Direct transportation from the Alicante Airport or Train Station, to the door of the Hotel, for only €10.
– We offer Packs with accommodation, so you have the best price.
– Accommodation, Milongas & Workshops, ALL in the SAME place, at the Gran Hotel Bali.
– Your time is valuable, here you can take advantage and enjoy every minute of these wonderful hug parties.



From the Alicante Airport or Train Station, there are several regular bus lines to Benidorm, there is a BENICONNECT company with direct service to the GRAN HOTEL BALI where the Festival takes place, door to door, it is the best option with prices ranging from €10 each way. Choose the ECONOMY CONNECT SHUTTLE service. To have this transport service, you must reserve well in advance, you can see the information and reserve at the following link: