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Registration starts on April 1st

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Decima edizione dell’International Trani Tango ✨

A Trani quattro giornate di lezioni con artisti e orchestre di fama mondiale e milonghe serali:
️ dal 13 al 16 luglio 2023

Direzione artistica:
Miguel Angel Zotto y Daiana Guspero

Vanesa Villalba y Facundo Pinero
Lucilla Cionci y Joe Corbata
Agustina Piaggio y Carlitos Espinoza
Magdalena Valdez y Giampiero Catone
Valentina Romano y Mariano Palazon
Giorgia Rossello y Vito Raffanelli
Valentina Guglielmi y Miky Padovano

Ogni sera milonga con orchestra a piedi della Cattedrale. Sabato sera milonga di Gala con esibizione contemporanea di due orchestre

Valentina Ialalacci


ℹ️ Per maggiori informazioni:
+39 380 5272776

Great news.  Yeshim is joining us again.  She will bring her exquisite yoga practice to help us with sacadas.  She will be teaching standing yoga poses only that help to improve core and torsion controls, so that we can take sacadas to the next level.

Super excited to have her with us.

Strictly Come Dancing star, Vincent Simone and Argentine Tango specialist, Paula Duarte, return to the stage with a brand new show ‘Tango Passions’. Catch Vincent and Paula at the Howden Park Centre, Livingston, near Edinburgh and Glasgow, in November 2022!

Visit for all tour dates, locations, news and book tickets.

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2. All other workshops as well as the techniques have very limited availability (for 1-2 couples and/or single followers/leaders).
3. We have more LEADERS registered to the FUNDAMENTALS classes, so if you are a follower looking for a partner, know that there are men waiting for YOU!
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A los Amigos vol. 10

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