An Introduction to Tangofolly - Argentine Tango Community Network

Here is an introduction to Tangofolly, the Argentine Tango community network for social and professional dancers worldwide. Find out how it works and how you can join in.

Illustration by Peter Litster

❶ When you first sign up you will create your very own page.

Pages can be personal or for projects and are a great way to showcase your news, articles, events, stuff for sale, photography and so on. Once you have created your page all you need to do is start posting. All your posts are listed on your page.

Signup & Create A Page

❷ Everything you need is in the main menu!

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Login / Account

❸ Get help. Report bugs.

There are guides for everything in the Community Forum. If you see a bug or have a question pop a note in the forum too. If you have any other query do get in touch via our Contact page anytime.

Visit The Help Forum

❹ All posts are automatically listed in the relevant directory:

❺ Join discussions, chat with members and like stuff you love:


Message fellow members privately. Check your most recent conversations under the message tab in the main menu.


Comment on and discuss stories. Ask questions on Market Listings. Find the comment form at the bottom of any post.


Like pages, stories, events or market listings for later. Easily retrieve your likes from the activity tab in My Account.

❻ We share everything you post with as many people as we can. Feel free to share your posts too!

Social Media

Your posts are shared on our entire social network about 30min after you publish it on Tangofolly.

Email Newsletter

We include your news and events on our regular newsletter email to all Tangofolly Subscribers.


If you have purchased a Promo we will send an exclusive mailout.

Promoting Tango on Tangofolly