Introduction to Tangofolly


Dancing Tango

It’s really easy and completely free to signup and share your Argentine Tango news and events with our community of dancers worldwide. Here is a quick introduction to how it works.

How to create your very own page

When you first sign up you will create your very own page on Tangofolly. Pages can be personal or for projects and are a great way to showcase all your news, articles, events, stuff for sale, photography, videos and so on. You can also add (optional) contact information and pretty social buttons. You can set your page to private (for members view only) or public (everyone can view).

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To get started quickly signup and follow the instructions to create your very own page. Everything you post is displayed on your page.

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How to create events?

Find the ‘Create’ tab in the main menu and choose ‘Event’ to create a new event. Events may include local repeating events such as milongas. International events such as festivals and marathons. And, every other kind of tango event in between. There are lots of things you can do to manage and promote your events!

Guide to events | Explore events

How to create stories?

Find the ‘Create’ tab in the main menu and choose ‘Story’ to create a new story. You can post news, reviews, interviews, photos and videos. Opinion pieces, essays, historical accounts and anything else ‘tango’ related. Member can comment on your stories too.

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What are communities?

Communities are an automatic feed of all the events, stories and member’s pages in your local tango community. The idea is that you can choose any city in the world to quickly view what’s on there.

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How about promotions?

Feature your news or events in key, high traffic, locations around the website. Sponsored options include a special mailout to all subscribers and additional social shares on our entire network. Not only that, your contributions help support and grow the Tangofolly community itself. Everyone benefits.

Promotion options

About the Shoot!

The Shoot! Featured photography project aims to recognise and showcase the beautiful imagery created by Tango Photographers, both amateur and professional, around the world. To submit a favourite photo, follow the simple instructions provided.

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Get help or report bugs…

There are guides for everything in the Help Forum. If you see a bug or have a question pop a note in the forum. We love to hear your feedback too! If you have an idea do let us know. We are constantly making improvements around the website.

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