Camtango was the first tango club to be set up in Cambridge in 1997 by Stef Gogolein and, working together with Mike Rose for around 10 years, they built a very significant tango scene in Cambridge. The most invited teachers at that time were maestros Rodolfo Agueroddi and Mihoko Omachi who visited regularly from Buenos Aires and worked very hard to help grow the numbers of dancers to a level where the milongas could become quite sophisticated. Mike and Stef retired to bring up their boys and John Connatty took over the week to week running of the club about 10 years ago and the organisation of visiting maestros.  These have included Carlitos and Noelia, Marko and Maja, Murat and Michelle and many many more.

Class, Milonga, Workshop
Cambridge, UK
Last updated 21 Jun 2024. Originally posted by Sarah Morris .

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