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The most translated tango book in the world. “So sensitive and descriptive. I loved the forms and images that came to my mind as I read it!” Alejandra Mantiñan – for the chapter The meaning of your personal-development path in tango. Available on Amazon worldwide in English, Spanish, German, Portuguese, Italian, Turkish, Russian, Hungarian. More languages will be released every few weeks. For some people, tango is just a social activity. No deeper meaning, no journey. Just a few steps, mixed and recycled. This book is not for those people. This book is for those who look for meaning, connection, and awareness in tango; in one word: Tangofulness. It is for those who know how it is to be hugged and feel safe; for those who have experienced a few best-tanda-of-my-life moments and want more of them. Above all, it is for those who want to explore the origin of meaningful connection in tango, not as an intellectual process, but as a practical way to experience tangofulness more often and in greater intensity. Dimitris Bronowski took his first tango steps in 2009. In 2019 he left his position as CEO of the biggest marketing training company for experts in Europe to dedicate himself professionally to his passion: tango. He is the publisher of the bestselling book Tango Tips by the Maestros, tango blogger, and organizer of tango retreats. His vision is to help one million people experience moments of meaning through tango.
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