Video impression of the ’De la Noche Tango Festival’ from July 2019, held in Leiden, the Netherlands. This event was organized by De la Noche, and the live music was performed by tango orchestra El Cachivache Quinteto.

Camera operation & film editing:
Joshua van ’t Hoff

Sound recording & mixing:
Bart Schellekens

Live music performance:
El Cachivache Quinteto – ’Buscándote’

Adele – Hello
Dancers Jelena Somogyi and Mario Medvedec
St Valantains day

Performance by Cristina Sosa y Daniel Nacucchio.

An A M A Z I N G cast is waiting for you in the fabulous 7th edition of A los Amigos ITF (Crete)

Tango at the highest level…

A city that will charm you…

A community that will steal your heart…

The perfect way to end your summer holidays and charge your batteries for the winter!

Registrations are now OPEN!

“Talent is not enough, even not just motivation. What gives the result and leads us to the next level is initiative and action. ” – Jelena Somogyi


Hola Tangueros y Tangueras !  We are a Los Angeles based tango orquestra performing at milongas and festivals around the country. Please visit our webpage or stop by our facebook page linked here:

Sometimes live becomes strange. For example if you intend to visit a tango festival. In general it is no problem to register and to visit at least the evening milongas. But, it might become complicated. An example……

Planing a visit to a magnificent town in Poland, were the old kings a burried, the idea was to visit a tango festival taking place at the same time. So we can visit two classes and the milongas at night, because regular milongas have been cancelled therefor. Quickly the application form was identified and, left us puzzled. We would have to apply – ok – but registration of couples does not mean that both will be admitted, and quoting a partner for practicas does not mean to visit them with this partner  – ??? – and there will be 3 (!) levels of applications. So we filled in forms that investigating as if we would apply for a chair position in MI 5 with several references and opening facebook accounts for the organziers to check up the crowd. And we had to quote the workshops we liked. In fact there have been no more than two for our level and, we are advanced – not more.

After weeks the answer to our first request droped in: no, you are not on the list. In a view days next application round will start. After a discussions also with friends and days of hesitation we applied a second time. Everything to fill in again. And – surprise surprise – after days a next email: no, your out, festival is booked completely but, we might book workshops, no chance to visit the milongas.

Not necessary to say, we answered that this procedure ist stupid, and no, we are not going to workshops only.

One may speculate about the organizers motivation, wether to bring in buddies first and sell classes then and look for some stupids to pay only for this. Parallel is another fistival in Serbia, high class and well booked. Anyhow – some organizers seem to overestimate the importance of their festivals and are far away from professional set up. Visiting a festival always means that you might queue or wait – no problem but, pre selection in a public event (not a private party at home) is not acceptable.

We certainly will no apply again for Festivals like this. Fortunately we are not alone. A couple we are friends with was also rejected: she is from Montevideo, he is from Moscow, both long year practising and high skilled tango teachers…… no more comments.

Hugging Day is celebrated each year on 21 January and it was Kevin Zaborney, from Clio, Michigan, USA, who came up with this marvellous initiative in 1986.

The idea is to encourage folks to hug each other and remember that absolutely everyone, no matter who they are, needs hugs.

We humans do actually ‘need’ hugs. Scientific studies reveal the many benefits regular hugs have on our physical health and mental well-being from maintaining our immune system to lowering our blood pressure and releasing useful hormones.


Hugging releases the hormone ‘oxytocin’ which makes us feel happy. When we feel happy we are always more successful as individuals and as a group. Studies show that teams who hug each other more often win more often.

A study conducted in 2007 showed that woman who regularly hug during pregnancy form a better bond with their born baby and are less likely to suffer from post-natal depression.

In 1999, a study published in the journal, Progress in Brain Research, revealed that oxytocin inhibits our tolerance to addictive drugs and reduces withdrawal symptoms.

For those of us who suffer from shyness, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences published research in 2010 showing that hugs significantly improved the ability of people with autism to interact with others. Autism is a developmental disorder characterised by difficulties in creating relationships.

Finally, according to a 2003 study in the journal Regulatory Peptides, oxytocin released in the brain naturally promotes sleep.


Hugging releases the hormone ‘cortisol’ which lowers our heart rates and reduces any feelings of stress.

Babies need hugs as much as they need food and water. According to research conducted at Harvard University, hugs help promote normal levels of cortisol necessary for child development.


Hugging  also stimulates the ‘thymus gland’, which in turn regulates the production of white blood cells that form part of our immune system’s defense. Research shows that patients who are sick and receive regular hugs display fewer symptons and recover faster.


We are reminded once again on this ‘Hugging Day’, that dancing tango is all about the embrace and our connection with our partner.

Just imagine to what extent we really give to each other in the tango embrace! At the end of an evening of dancing, do you feel that wholesome, filled to the brim, long happy sigh escaping from within? Ahhhh yes, that’s your oxytocin saturating you with good vibes.

Indeed, what better excuse can their possibly be to go dancing!


Live Science – Effects of Oxytocin

National Hugging Day – Official Website

Photographer – Image captured at the Bergen Tango Marathon 2018 by

Tango Networking is a summer project that was inspired by a talk Tim Ferriss gave at South by Southwest SXSW about “how to build a world- class network in record time” –

I realized that conferences and Tango festivals have in fact a lot in common and I did this project on how to network and manage your time and energy in a tango festival.

I hope you enjoy it and I would like to hear your thoughts and views.