A guide to Google Translate
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Read, write and browse Tangofolly in the language of your choice!

Tangofolly has been created in English and anticipates that you will post in English so, if you can, it is better to write in English. However, if you feel more confident writing in your own language, by all means, do write in the language you prefer! Tangofolly readers will still be able to translate your post to any language, including English, quickly and easily.

To translate any post or page on Tangofolly use the Google Translate tool in the footer at the bottom of every page. Choose a flag to select a language. Once you have selected a language, Tangofolly will translate the entire website for you. You can switch flags at any time.

Remember, Google Translate is a robot (a pretty clever robot even so!) so you may find some translations are not always 100% accurate. Nevertheless, for the purposes of making it possible to find tango events, get instructions, read and get the gist of blog stories and generally enjoy browsing through all the news and events members from around the world are posting on Tangofolly, it works really great. The main thing is that we can all find and share our tango news and events.

Happy reading and writing everyone, whatever your language!

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