Tangofolly events are packed with useful tools to help you create, manage and promote your tango events in a quick and easy way. Here is an overview of events and tips on how to get the best out of your promotion:

Find the create ‘+‘ button in the main menu and choose ‘Event’. Follow the instructions to complete the form. Once you have published your event you will find your editor menu at the top of the event post with all your management options. You can edit your event at any time. To delete your event forever simply choose ‘Delete’ in the ‘Settings’ tab.

Choose the ‘Duplicate’ option in the editor menu to quickly create another event. Change the dates and publish. Its as simple as that.

Do include a banner image. This will be the main image displayed on your post and acts as the thumbnail everywhere else including social media. Optimum sizes are specified in the Tangofolly Image Sizes guide.

There are plenty of options to help readers get in touch with you. In the event form try to include at least one link to your facebook page, website, registration or ticketing page. If you don’t add any links readers can still contact you directly and privately via the message button at the bottom of the event post.

Once you have created your event add stories with news, photos or videos. To create stories find the option in ‘Settings’. Each story you create is shared across our social network and listed in the Story directory. Your story links back to your event post giving you even more opportunity to reach interested dancers.

Your event automatically appears on your personal Page, on the Homepage, in the main Tango Event Directory and in your city’s Tango Community page.

Your event will be shared across the entire Tangofolly social network approximately 30min after you have published it. So you have time to make any changes if you need to.

Your event is included in the newsletter regularly emailed to all Tangofolly subscribers.

You can boost your post’s visibility with a promo. Promo’s feature your event in popular locations around the website. Optionally choose a special mailshot sent to all Tangofolly subscribers. Find the ‘Promote’  button in the editor menu and follow the instructions. Learn more about Sponsored Promotions.

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