A guide to images

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Tangofolly takes special care of the images you publish to ensure your posts always look good, fit nicely into all spaces on all screen sizes, to protect your rightful copyright and to keep Tangofolly speedy and efficient.

Size requirements

Ideally your image should be, at minimum, 1200px wide by 800px high. Feature images are displayed on your post without cropping but may be cropped and centered as thumbnails when listed in relevant directories and news feeds around the website or when shared on social media.


To keep your posts lightweight, speedy and efficient, your images are ‘crunched’ just a little. Therefore, ensure that you keep a personal copy elsewhere of any images you don’t want to be crunched!

Image file types

Tangofolly accepts .jpg image files only. If you upload a .png file it will be automatically converted to a .jpg file. Note that Tangofolly does not keep a copy of your original .png file. If you upload any other kind of file such as a .gif or .tif file Tangofolly will refuse it.

Watermarks and other text on images

We do not automatically add watermarks to your image as not everyone likes watermarks. However, you are welcome to add a watermark and any other text to your images before uploading. We don’t recommend you add a lot of text on your images but we won’t prevent you from doing so. If you do, place your text in the center of your image if you want it to be visible on cropped thumbnails displayed around the website, on all the various social media networks with all their imaging rules and on every screen size, portrait and landscape. Seriously folks, if your text is meaningful and you want it to be read, place it in the center of your image.


As per our Membership Terms & Conditions all posts on Tangofolly, including their imagery, are copyright and owned by the author of the post. As an author it is therefore important that you ensure you have the necessary authority to use the images you publish on your posts. If you are using someone else’s image make certain that you seek their permission to use the image and publish due credit to them on your post as they are the rightful owner of the image you are borrowing.

Image credit

For featured image photographer credit you will find an option in the form to add a credit to a photographer or image caption and include a link to the photographers website. Please make use of this facility.

Image pirates

Whether we like it or not there will always be image pirates who think it’s ok to take other people’s images. Nevertheless, we can, and do, make it irritatingly difficult for them to steal your photos on tangofolly.com. You will notice that both members and guests are unable to copy your image, drag and drop to desktop, download it or embed a link to the image on another website.

Report a pirate

If you have any concerns about imagery on Tangofolly or you have seen an image published elsewhere that has blatantly been taken without permission or proper credit from a published post on Tangofolly please contact us straight away. We will do all that we can to support the rightful image owner.

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