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When you first sign up you will create your page. Your page is your personal profile on Tangofolly. Pages are a great way to display all your stories, events and market listings in one place. Here are some tips on creating and managing pages:

Members may create 1 page per membership account.

Once you have completed signup and published your page scroll to the editor links at the top of your page. There you will find all your management options. Everything you post will be automatically displayed on your page.

What you choose determines how your page is listed and featured. But mostly it helps people find you in search results. It is better to choose 1 category than 5 categories.

You can change your page title displayed below the banner image. Your account name still remains for contact messages and so on.

You can choose to layout your posts in a grid format or a list format (default).

Your page is set to ‘Glorious Grey’ by default, however, you can swap that colour for something else! Choose Tomato Red, Rustic Brown, True Blue and more.

Choose a nice photo of you so members can recognise you. This will be the main image displayed on links to your page around the Tangofolly website. We recommend images that are at least 1000px wide and minimum 1000px high. Learn more about Image Sizes.

You can choose for your page to be public and viewable by anyone. If you choose private only logged in members can view it.

Your page is listed in the Tango Pages Directory.

You cannot delete your page. However, if you wish to delete your account on Tangofolly, your page will be deleted along with your membership. The form to request deletion is in your My Account settings.


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